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Albie Sachs: The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law

There are not many books capable of bringing tears to your eyes before you’ve reached the Preface. Well in Justice Albie Sachs’ latest book: The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law, the unsettling reaction starts with an explanation of the blue dress depicted on the dust jacket.



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OD Specialist Required

We are looking for an Organisation Design specialist for a 6 month contract within one of our clients. This person could also become our OD Thought Leader within QBIT. Please forward your CV to

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Training Provider offering accredited training on Leather Seat Machine Sewers

Hi all,

Some assistance please. Does anyone know of a training provider in Gauteng that offers accredited training for Leather machine sewers?

Please send me an email with contacts:

Thank you,

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Powerlines 92 - The Newsletter for Reputation & Stakeholder Managers now available

The latest copy of my free e-mail newsletter is now available by sending an e-mail to

Powerlines serves more than 8500 international and local readers! This is an opt-in

newsletter list.

In this… Continue

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I am gifted, and there has been no doubt about that. My life is unusual. When I was 12 yrs old, I became converted to Christianity and Gods Spirit became real to me. At the age of 21 my Grandad died and I inherited half of his oil-painting kit etc, and from that time I began to oil-paint and exibit my paintings. What was odd was that the painting and drawing skills required seemed to be instantly available to me. A God-like spirit apparently is behind the schenes of my life, helping me. I also… Continue

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Course material

Could anyone involved in writing course material get hold of me. We are specifically looking at writing (and getting accredited) a course falling under TETA's professional driving qualification aligned to Unit Standard 123258 Foster and maintain customer relations.

Thanks John

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Surviving a feast or famine income

Surviving a Feast or Famine income

Being an independent training consultant can be an extremely rewarding profession. You can work to your own clock, you get to…


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Don’t focus on personal negatives, it can hold you back in life.

Most people are negative and tend to focus on the negative aspects of their life. No one likes the negative aspects of their life and it is natural in one's frustration to focus and bemoan these. But doing so will reinforce any negative picture you have of yourself. If you constantly focus on how bad your life is, all the things that are wrong with you, and what you don't have, you eventually come to the conclusion that there is something wrong with you and that you probably don't deserve any… Continue

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Avoid these common financial mistakes.

Avoid these common Financial Planning Mistakes.

It is reasonable to assume that you desire financial success for yourself and your family and you may even have your sights set on becoming fabulously wealthy. What ever your goal, unless you win the lotto, you will not

move past average unless you fully understand the elements that contribute to

wealth. There…


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Do you really need a financial planner?

Do you need a financial advisor?

The profession of financial planning is relatively new, the average pensioner will tell you that in their youth financial planning was not even a recognisable term. During and after the Second World War the depression made

it virtually impossible for most people to make ends meet, let alone have

surplus money to invest. Access to financial advisors was the domain of…


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WOMEN’s COMMON DISEASES and SOLUTIONS: Book by Dr John C. Mbuya and Dr Steven W. Gunn

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of the most common diseases that trouble women all over the world and mother nature’s solution to each one

of them. The book is a do-it-yourself, risk free analysis and solution for all

women at all ages. This timeless research and solution has been tested…


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My first thought was to post this comment in HIV/AIDS group but it is vital that as many people as possible read this book as it is relevant to everyone, without exception. Confining it to one group, excludes others who may never find their way to the HIV/AIDS section. So I hope you will keep it here.

Added by Deliah Linsay Adams on March 15, 2010 at 9:10 — 2 Comments

Confirmative Action

Confirmative Action

Confirmative action is a marriage of action and continuous improvement for results within a business. It’s racially neutral and not of a discriminatory…


Added by Japie Vermeulen on March 12, 2010 at 13:47 — 1 Comment

Most interesting book on HIV/AIDS

My interest and studies in HIV Aids Counselling has led me to buy a book called The Wisdom of Whores by a British Epidemiologist called Elizabeth Pisani. Disregard the Wow! what an eye-opener. It highlights the fiddling of stats by UNAIDS to lead the world to believe that Africa is the biggest loser in this epidemic when in fact the whole world is equally as bad. America and Europe are adamant that they are more civilised, sensible and therefore "cleaner". She exposes the UN for stoking the HIV… Continue

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Consultants in the Medical Aid industry

Does anyone know of an accrediation or qualification required for sales people within the Medical Aid Industry. I have a client who requires training of his sales people and consultants, but is under the impression this needs to be aligned to some kind of accrediation. I am not aware of any alignment other than a Learnership. Please contact me via Skills Universe or on

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Hi Bianca can you assist or if you know about somebody who is in need of a qualified OD ETD practitioner. Would appreciate the help.

Kind Regards
Philip Smit
OD ETD Practitioner
Cell: 079-896-2659

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Is there anybody out there that can use my skills. Your help will be appreciated.

Assessor, Training, Facilitation, Coaching, Mentoring Development of material etc.

•Outcome – Based assessments (115753); NQF L 5; Certificate number AC 01/1011/06

•Moderation Of Outcomes Based Assessments (115759) NQF L6,Certificate Number: MC 01/2008/10.

- National Certificate in OD-ETD Practices NQF Level 5 learning programme (Complete)

- Continuous Professional Development Programme:… Continue

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Guide to successful job interview as it is known?

Good day all

My concern today is based on interviews processes that we have, based on my opinion i believe interviews dont assess what is meant to, hence we have employees whom are not competent while on the job but mastered their interview. The reason for this is because the questions asked are typically known prior to interview such as:…


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10 March 2010


Calling for all Qualified Skills Development Facilitators to apply to assist Insurance sector companies with WSP/ATR submissions for 2010

The Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority (INSETA) is looking for qualified Skills Development Facilitators to assist employer companies in the sector with the submission of the Workplace Skills Plan and Annual Training Report for the financial year 01… Continue

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