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LISA - Learner Information System & Assessments LMS

My name is Frans Brewis and I have been involved in IT training for the last 10 years. I also have a passion for programming with a strong focus on PHP and MySQL. In 2006  our institution trained 100 learners on an IT learnership and I was shocked to see how much of that was spend on administration and reports instead of training. I started developing a LMS with the idea to automate some of the processes to remove the high from the training staff. 


The aim of this LMS is to…


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An emerging recycling cooperative seeking corporate support

Are you located in Johannesburg, and able to help an emerging recycling cooperative?  A worthwhile project for your company to consider for Corporate Social Responsibility or Investment.

The letter from NUMSA is copied in full.…


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NSDS I, II, and III summaries and review

The Vision of NSDS I was driven by six guiding principles

Lifelong learning – continually upgrading and improving

The promotion of equity – Opportunities for disadvantaged as well as advantaged

Demand driven to support and enhance productivity

Flexible – Employers, both Public and Private as well as the workers are best placed to make judgements about priorities

Partnership and cooperation between and amongst the social constituencies

Efficiency and… Continue

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The Importance and Benefits of Learnerships for Empoyers

What is a learnership?

It is a structured learning programme during which the learner spends some time learning theory and some time learning practical skills in the workplace.

It leads to a qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. Such a qualification is designed to provide not only technical and work-specific skills, but life skills such as communication and teamwork.

Before the programme is implemented, a contract is drawn up…


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My South Africa by Jonathan Jansen

"My South Africa is the working-class man who called from the airport to return my wallet without a cent missing. It is the white woman who put all three of her domestic worker's children through the same school that her own child attended. It is the politician in one of our rural provinces, Mpumalanga, who returned his salary to the government as a statement that standing with the poor had to be more than just a few words. It is the teacher who worked after school hours every day during the…


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The times they are a changin

Retirement? What Retirement?

“The times they are a changin” never before has the title of this Bob Dylan classic been more relevant. Baby Boomers, those born between 1945 and 1964 have witnessed some truly amazing shifts in the world. Who knows what is in store for generation Y? The warp speed growth of technology is going to impact the way our children interact with the world, they will be employed in fields that have not yet been conceived. Information is no longer the reserve of…


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The service delivery dilemma: skills shortage or poor work ethic

The “skills shortage” has become a convenient scapegoat for most shortcomings in service delivery by municipalities, public utilities and government departments. Businesses in the private sector often use the same lament as an excuse for sloppy service.


The skills shortage is gradually achieving a revered status, heading the long list of socio-economic challenges of our country. Billions of rands are about to be spent by government on ambitious plans to eradicate this…


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Unemployed Graduate seeks contract


I have been posting my frustartions on this site for sometime. Remember the 'Open letter to the Minister of Higher Education and Training' .I have now been registered as an Assessor with the Services Seta for the qualifications below. May any good citizen, samaritan please help me acquire a contract.


I am registered for the following Services Seta Qualifications:



1)     20908 National Diploma: Customer Management NQFLevel:5 Registration…


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ABC for 2011 school kids

Latest from Nursery Schools:












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Looking for freelance work (Facilitator/Assessor/Moderator)


I am registered as a Moderator with Serviceseta for the following:


49648 : NC New Venture Creation-SMME

67465: NC Business Administration

61755: GETC Business Practice


Still awaiting registration with other Seta with their relevant qualifications, will post them as soon as they become available

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Skills Summit : Unpacking the NSDS3

Staffing Direct will be hosting a Skills Summit in Johannesburg, 24th February 2011 at the Sandton Convention Centre.


Should you be interested to attend mail me

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Time for Meta-Business

In a world and country where  chaos often rains, it is frequently believed that more skills, more education and more training is the only offering to appease the monster god called production. However, in a time where guru's tell us that the are aligning, that world destruction is upon is, but that there is hope, if we change our attitudes, our views and beliefs. Books like The Secret and Matrix Re imprinting (too mention but a few)will have us believe that all we need to do is to imagine a…


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Dismissal of award-winning horse riding instructor living with HIV declared "automatically unfair"




SECTION27 welcomes the judgment handed down by Judge Bhoola today in the…


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Get over it

Get over it

If you've gotten off to a slow start, now is your opportunity to speed

up. If you've been disappointed by the results so far, now is the chance

to make some effective positive changes.

Negative momentum can be powerful. Yet the moment you commit yourself to

a positive perspective, that negative momentum is gone.

Stop worrying and complaining about the fact that your day, your week,

your month or your life has gotten off to a bad… Continue

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Jacques De Villiers page

We must all be sick and tired listening to these prophet of doom and gloom about job creation or Ministers that are going to run with the money etc etc!!!!!!!! Why can you for once look at firstly the effort made by The President to start the project of job creation which we have all been condeming him for the past years, as a step in the right direction. What are you doing in both your family life, social and professional life to assist our youth for a better future. We spend our entire life… Continue

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How Employees Respond to Job Disatisfaction


Job dissatisfaction affects all employees in different degrees at different times. Like stress, how we choose to respond is more important than trying to deny or painfully suffer the consequences.

Many years ago, I learned about the EVLN Model in an organisational textbook. The simplicity of the model has always stuck with me, and often when in a teaching or facilitation moment, I share the model as an awareness tool for where dissatisfied staff may find…


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How do we create 5 Million new jobs in 10 Years?

Hardly had President Zuma set the job creation target at half a million new jobs per year or the prophets of doom started telling us that the target was unachievable. This despite the proposed jobs fund of 9 billion rand over the next three years to finance new job-creation initiatives, the Industrial Development Corporation setting aside R10 billion over the next five years for investment in economic activities with a high jobs potential and the R20 billion in tax allowances or tax breaks…


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State of the Nation Address (SONA) 10 February 2011

State of the Nation Address by His Excellency Jacob Zuma, President of the Republic of South Africa, at the Joint Sitting Of Parliament, Cape Town

10 February 2011

Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly,

Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces;

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and Deputy Chairperson of the NCOP;

Deputy President of the Republic, Honourable Kgalema…


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current QCTO details

Does anyone know the current QCTO Contact Details? I would like to know the phone number for the QCTO. I think it stands for Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.

I'm having difficulty finding actual contact numbers for the QCTO.  All I can find are four e-mail addresses. 

Is there anyone who has more than that?  I need to talk to someone about a new qualification....

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In the middle of January, 2011, I sent out an invitation to all registered setas to put together a communication strategy aimed at schools throughout South Africa. The main aim of this call is to send out a single, united voice that will be directed at giving our future generation a clearer picture of what our government has been doing to help create skills, jobs, promote entrepreneurship through the establishment of the SETA's.

Last Thursday the Minister of Higher Education, Dr Blade…


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