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Manager or Technical Expert?

The latest post on my website discusses equipping technical experts as managers. Have a…


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Your Creative G.A.P.S.

Your Creative G.A.P.S.

Robert "Alan" Black, Ph.D., CSP


Most people I have asked now for over 34 years if they are / were creative have responded, “No I am not creative. I can’t draw”.


First fact to accept, we are all born with vast potentials to be creative in all aspects of our life: at…


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Alternative to Designated Smoking Areas

Thank you everyone for your input and advice!! I acknowledge Des's information regarding the Law making provision for the protection of non-smokers, and the possibility of Designated smoking areas. Should a company decise it would designate a smoking area: A allocation of space with adaquate ventilation must be provided, Health and Safety regulations then come into play, fire extinguishers etc., extra cleaning, all and expense to accomodate a vice, which, when each smoker looks deep inside… Continue

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As it is no secret, I am Job seeking. Anyway, last week, I went for an interview at an Employment Agency and was enthusiastically greeted when I entered, whereby, the lady who welcomed me in asks me to take a seat, and I thanked her and took a seat. She then said, no love, would you please take that seat “I will sit here” o.k. I sort of felt a quizzical look come on and moved.  Well, knock me over with a feather! I was asked to place my right thumb on this contraption (that looked a bit like…


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Vacancy: Managing Editor South African Labour Bulletin

I'm sure that there are a number of our members who would be able to fill this position.  Also posted on the skills portal Jobs section.

South African Labour Bulletin

Managing Editor


This is a full-time position starting in March 2011 or soon thereafter entailing the important opportunity of providing information, debate and critical analysis on issues confronting workers and their communities whilst promoting social justice. It…


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Call for Papers - New Media and Learning

For all our academic members and those interested in new media technologies and learning - a call for papers.  All the information is copied as I received it.  Please make contact directly with the publishers. Thank you. 


On The Horizon Special New Media Edition

On The Horizon announces a special issue, ‘New Media and Learning'. The journal seeks critical thought on how the application of new media technologies and…


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SA Flood Relief - Gift of the Givers


Greetings of Peace

Dear Recipients

It has been a long journey in responding to the South African Flood crisis that commenced in Orlando on 17 December 2010. As in Pakistan the South African flood is an expanding natural disaster, cutting across seven provinces resulting in billions of rands of agricultural, infrastructural and personal destruction and the…


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Routine Panic

Dr James Dobson, author and I personallypsychologist, refers to our hectic lifestyle as “routine panic”. Always rushing, results in the continuous release of the hormone adrenaline. This hormone puts the body and mind into a constant state of alertness. This creates continuous stress (psychological pressure).

It is of the utmost importance to take things slowly and systematically. Don’t rush! Work as fast as you can, but don’t rush your work. You will just stress yourself and…


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Minister of Labour speech at the Annual Labour Policy Conference

Speech by the Minister of Labour, Mildred Nelisiwe Oliphant at the Annual Labour Policy Conference

Theme:  The Department Of Labour’s 5 Year Strategic Plan And Policy Issues In 2011

Roodevallei Conference & Meetings Hotel

Programme Director

Leaders of Organised Labour


Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a great pleasure to be invited to address you on…


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MABIMI : Company Profile

1.      Organizational Background…


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Smoke breaks taken by Office Employees

I was confronted with a dilima where previous Management allowed employees to take ad hoc smoke breaks, which meant that when the craving came, they went!  Not only the Office workers but also the factory employees, they would pop outside and puff-away.. If an office worker takes a smoke break it holds up their work. If a production worker takes a break, production is covered by a mate, if the foreman spots him he gets reprimanded . Not a cool situation.


As a smoker myself, I…


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MEN INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN (birth to 6 year olds)!!!!!???????!!!!!

" Eek! A Male! Treating all men as potential predators doesn't make our kids safer." This was the headline of a recent Wall Street Journal article by Lenore Skenazy.

Society tend to think that men that are interested in working with young children are pedofiles.  I read an article about men working at early childhood development (ECD) sites overseas.  They are not allowed to change the…


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FREE eLearning course on Customer Service

Hi, if anyone wants the Synergy Learning Solutions FREE eLearning course on Customer Service, please email me at   You are free to use this at your respective companies. Regards, Di Gibson

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Muslim Marriages Draft Bill

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development invites interested parties to submit any comments they might have on the Muslim Marriages Draft Bill. For full Bill, see attached file.2010-01%20110117muslim-marriages-bill.pdf

Comments on the Bill can be emailed to Mr T Matibe…


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Are Learnership tax deductions over? SARS won't say.

I have heard via the rumour mill that the learnerships tax deductions stop this year - can anyone confirm or deny this?

 Even SARS doesn't seem to know the answer after about 7 calls/being on hold and bumped around the dept (as they do when you phone in with difficult questions).


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motivational speaker

Compliments Everyone


I am looking for a motivational speaker or team building facilitator for the 11/02/2011  the venue is in Eastern cape.  I will confirm the venue later this week.


 Please provide me with your qoutes.fax: 0865069492 or email to





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NSDS III document

To all members

I've been asked for the NSDS III document.  Please find attached.


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Well done to all project leader that attended the Rims Management Conference on 14 and 15 Jan 2011. Mokoya Lodge was the ideal setting to get away from it all and to refocus our energy for the year ahead. Using an in-house developed new tool for Strategic Managers, the group engaged in a Role-based, Process Re-egineering (RPR) activity that took them to a new level of insight.  RPR consists of a journey that starts with the definition of the problem base in an organization. The activity is…


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President Zuma: message of support to SA flood victims

President Jacob Zuma conveys message of support to flood victims

Government's Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Disaster Management is meeting this afternoon, Friday 14 January 2010, to discuss relief mechanisms in the face of increasing incidents of flooding reported in various parts of the country.…


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Handling External Barriers

The circumstances of life and people, can become barriers to achieving your goals. You need to overcome these, or they will derail your entire mission.

Distractions are one of these circumstances.

Distraction are those things that take your attention off your goals.

These include:

  • Responsibilities at home and with family
  • Urgent projects such as home renovations, tax returns, etc.
  • Other's expectations such as the boss wanting…

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