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Respecting diversity is good business!

If you could do business with foreigners, would you learn how to understand and respect them? Of course you would.

When you start out, it seems as if they are from another planet. You know that any errors will offend them and your chances will be gone. So, you quickly invest in training courses in respect. You learn a few words in their language. You attend a course on body language and you learn about social…


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SAQA Unit standards 116937,38,43 Microsoft Training manuals Word,Excel Powerpoint Special Christmas 25% cash back

Christmas Special buy THIS WEEK and get 25 % CASH BACK on Christmas day 25 December Download Quality Microsoft training manuals right now in PDF format to your computer for only R14 per training manual! Training material is aligned to SAQA Unit standards Designed for classroom training or self learning Step by step training manual with screen prints and examples and practical exercises SAQA Unit standard…


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Lliam and the Lady with the brooms. Our humanness makes a HUGE difference!

I have been taking more time to be aware of who is around me, and am taking time to see how I give be more kind and caring. 

Here is another lesson from our 13 year old son Lliam, that has re-awakened this awareness.

I was with him at the bakery, where a beautiful and gracious, 70-something Zulu lady sat with a number of brooms. She was selling them to supplement her meager…


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You could have your OWN New York Taxi Driver! 4 steps to getting more from life.

 All people are looking for, is a little respect and recognition.

Our Los Angeles shuttle driver looked bemused, after we had greeted our hotel porter, in Spanish. 

“I thought you guys were from South Africa. Where did you learn Mexican?” He asked. 

“Right here, in LA.” 

“How long have you been here”, he asked. 

“Two days.” 

“Well, that is incredible! I’ve been here 45…


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Mentoring a Winner: What an Experience!

That phone call from Istanbul, “Fortunate has won!” will not be forgotten very soon. A journey which started late in December last year culminated in a young colleague, Fortunate Mboweni, winning the 2014 Young Freight Forwarder of the Year competition which is organised by the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).

Fortunate is the first Africa born African to have won this competition since its inception in 1999.

What an amazing experience to…


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How do I make a positive first impression with my clients?

Everyone makes mistakes. Fortunately, however, they can be rectified in many cases. If the wrong amount of money is transferred, it can be reversed; if the wrong information is given, it can be corrected with a polite apology.

In business matters too, there is a ‘second chance’ that allows for an error to be straightened out and which sometimes can even be turned into an advantage. But there is one time when this is not the case: The first impression.

Making a good first…


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The BRILLIANT Cape Town flower sellers.

We ALL add value.

The cool Cape breeze took the edge off Spring, as I stood on the corner of Wale and Buitengracht streets, in Cape Town on a Sunday morning. I was next to a liquor store and a large rectangle of beautiful flowers - attended by two flower sellers. 

The middle-aged Muslim couple graciously sold me a few single flowers for a surprise early morning gift for Arthie. A beautiful Protea and a white lily made up my tiny present.

I greeted the…


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Life is not a video - the participants are real. Treat them with care and respect.

I had a great day at my eldest son's school sports day.

I was quite shocked, however, at the behaviour of some of the parents and family.

During the shuttle relays - where numerous kids competed over short distances - kids of all shapes and sizes had a full go at winning for their teams. Every child gave it their all.

Every time an over-weight child - started to run, this group would burst out laughing and jeering. You could see the joy and determination…


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The world is crying out for Authentic Leaders who inspire people not only through words but by Serving them.

The call for Leaders who genuinely serve their people is obvious in social, political and business communities. Inspirational Leadership enables all of us to discover our own…


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CATHSSETA put under administration.

What will be the implications for us? We are busy with an accreditation application.

Cathsseta put under administration  -  Article from SA Tourism Update 

12 Wed, Nov 2014


The Department for…


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6 Reasons Why Authenticity Is the Key to Success

What is your definition of success? No seriously, what is it?

Is it money? A house? A car? A boat?


Interestingly enough, monetary gains are hardly ever part of the definition of success for big league entrepreneurs. Their definitions all stem from more meaningful insights. Words like perseverance, active engagement and changing the world are continuously present. And just look at the entrepreneurs themselves: they all have 1 major thing in common, don’t they?…


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Overcoming the challenges of training delivery to remote areas by using tablets to deliver FAIS Compliance training to the rural workforce

ChartallBusinessCollege has overcome the logistical challenges of delivering training to the more remote areas by using tablets to deliver #FAISComplianceTraining to the rural workforce.

The challenges:

Geographically spread, throughout rural South Africa

No fixed office or base;

No laptops;

All had company-provided smartphones;

Internet slow and intermittent;

Low levels of English;

In-house IT department against Skype and loading of other systems… Continue

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How to get that FREELANCER Job as a Trainer or Assessor?

How to get that FREELANCER Job as a Trainer or Assessor?

How to start a career in the Education Field as a Trainer and Assessor, both locally in South Africa or Internationally

This article includes quick guidelines and some tips to find the JOB you need in the Training Industry.


The following types of JOB opportunities exist in the Educational Industry;

  • Qualified Trainers and…

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How to Create a Personal Business Plan That You’ll Really Use

Every successful business leader I’ve encountered is in some way a prolific goal setter. For this reason, the single most important piece of advice I give any aspiring entrepreneur or business professional is to figure out exactly what you want, document it on paper and then attack it every day.

A personal business plan is something that I develop each year to help me put my own advice into action. Creating a plan can…


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Building your brand on a budget

Unlike many leading brands, the average small business does not have millions in the budget to channel into high-level brand-building exercises such as event sponsorships, glitzy product launches or using famous sportsmen and entertainers as brand ambassadors. In fact, for most of us, even finding the 15% of turnover benchmark recommended for marketing and branding efforts by generations of branding and advertising experts, is a real stretch.

This does not mean you can…


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Invitation to Bid - Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA)

The Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SSETA), a statutory body established in terms of the Skills Development Act of 1998, seeks to appoint service providers for the provision of the services listed below to be contracted for the duration of the SETA’s licence period which ends 31 March 2016.

Proc-T244: Appointment of an Insurance Broker to Provide Comprehensive Business Insurance Services

Briefing Session Details: Compulsory Date: 11…


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ASDSA - KZN Breakfast Networking Meeting

On 31 October, 2014 the ASDSA – KZN held a networking breakfast session in Durban which included several local Training Providers and Skills Development Facilitators.

Besides the delicious food and good company, there were two very informative presentations. One from committee member, Tracey Norton who gave an update on the ASDSA SDF Professional Designation Project and the other from Jonathon Wigley from iQuote who presented the iQote Online QMS and LMS for SETA…


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1. What is a learnership?

A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to a nationally recognised qualification. Thus, learners is in learnership programmes have to attend classes at a college or training centre to complete classroom-based learning, and they also have to complete on-the-job training in a workplace. This means that unemployed people can only participate in a learnership proramme, if there is an employer that is willing to provide the required work…


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7 Ways Successful and Fulfilled People Think Differently


We pay to kill cockroaches and spiders. In Thailand, they pay to eat cockroaches and spiders.

As different forms of thinking separate cultures, it’s also the case between those who are happy and successful, and those who aren’t. Great change has always come from thinking outside the box. Familiarity often turns our box into a prison without realization, crippling our potential success and sapping our happiness.

To reflect, assess, and challenge our personal forms of…


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