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Written Warnings and Dismissals

When compiling a written warning or notification to attend a disciplinary it is extremely important that the charges are correctly formulated. 

Theft is a prime example: to charge the employee with “theft” is not sufficient and additional charges must be incorporated.  The reason we address other things relating to the theft is that it is not always proven in a disciplinary hearing that the act of “theft” was complete and the employee is then found not guilty.  It could be that the…


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Red flags in the interview process

When starting out a new romantic relationship, there are certain warning signs that will tell you to back away, like being over 30 with no inclination to move out from the parent’s basement, or having an unhealthy obsession with taxidermy.

In much the same way, there are certain red flags that will help you know that an employee is not going to be a right fit for your company. You want to be on the lookout for these early on, before any contracts have been…


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Latest DHET Documents published for comment

Skills-universe members will be interested to see two documents published for comment:

DHET National Policy on Continuing Education Colleges GG38924 gon569 for comment

This document is a must read for everyone working in the area of AET. It explains the administrative and…


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Can computer software replace the job of an HR?

The aim of computer software is to make the task of a human resource manager easier. However, the way in which the HR utilises and executes a task is up to them. Modern technology has advanced throughout the years, and the fear we should all have is; will machine take away my job? The answer is, not quite -especially not if you are the HR of a major company. Human interaction is still required in all aspects of keeping employees happy. Human Resource Software may help track employee…


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Some of you might remember that I posted a blog about online learning.  I enrolled for a free course, "MOOCS and the South African Higher Education Landscape" (  I have learnt a few interesting facts about online learning and find the discussions interesting.

The assignments are done in the form of a blog.  Specific topics are identified.  I have copied and pasted the following from my latest blog:

"The landscape of higher education has changed tremendously over…


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Siphiwe Moyo launches Learning and Development Packages for SMMEs:

09 July 2015

Small & medium sized businesses often cannot afford to employ a full-time senior training/learning and development practitioner, which unfortunately causes them to miss out.


What if you can actually afford to have a Senior Learning Development Practitioner working for you?


  • Senior Training/ Learning & Development Professional – 13 years experience.
  • Chairman: South African Board for People Practices (SA…

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Flags and Statues: The Power of Symbols

In the wake of the tragic and shocking massacre of nine worshippers in Charleston, USA, the Governor of South Carolina proposed removing the old Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the legislature. Other Southern states appear to be following suit.

I don’t know the historic or legal issues involved; mine is…


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The future of cities and security

The difficult with cities has been both being able to have them run efficiently but also make them safe. That we can populate them with a working populace, yet manage it such that there is…


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The Pope and Climate Change

Originally published on Simply Communicate

So the Pope has spoken passionately on climate change and drawn the traditional flak from the far right and others who don’t like interference…


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Is online learning the new method of teaching?

The landscape of higher education has changed over the past years and online learning is increasing every year.  Universities have to take into consideration what the masses wants and can online learning address these needs ... it can reach more people than the traditional universities and colleges.

My first post matric qualification was done full time but thereafter I enrolled and completed two qualifications through UNISA (correspondence).  Technology was in those years…


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Marketing a Consulting Practice 7 July 2015

Dear Colleagues,

You are invited to attend my Marketing a Consulting Practice workshop that will take place at the Apollo Hotel, Ferndale (around the corner from Multichoice) on the 7th July.

This workshop now in its 18th year equips consultants, business development managers and those running professional practices to market their consulting practices elegantly and effectively.

Featuring information gleaned from 25 years worth of research into what works and doesn't…


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Unleashing Potential in Learners

I had the privilege of training learners in the unit standard 'Facilitate Learning Using a Variety of Methodologies'.  This training was facilitated to learners who have been unemployed for more than twelve months, with more than 90% being matriculants.  My main concern at the onset was how I was going to simplify the facilitation process for people who are not practitioners, who do not have much experience in the field of training and development and who may not have the confidence of those…


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We invite those interested in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring to be part of this programme that starts mid-July 2015. 

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How to avoid having pointless meetings at work

Poorly managed meetings will take employees away from what they are being paid to do; leaving phones unattended, emails unanswered and delaying in getting unfinished tasks up to date. The fact of the matter is that people come from meetings with more to do than what they could have accomplished in an hour. That’s not to say that meetings need to be taken out of the workplace completely. There are better ways to have successful meetings without wasting anyone’s time.

An hour…


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Sales Consultant: Skills Development



Growth Institute (PTY) Ltd requires the services of an experienced skills development sales consultant that can sell learnership programs in Gauteng.

Candidates must meet the following non-negotiable requirements:

  • Proven…


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Re-registration of qualifications SAQA announcement -08 June 2015


Every three years, all qualifications that are currently registered on the NQF are considered for re-registration.  This consideration has been in progress for several months now, as per the decision of the SAQA Board in October 2014 to approve, with certain exceptions, the re-registration of all currently registered qualifications for the period from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.

These exceptions are:

·        Qualifications that have been reviewed…


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Dionysus Training Programmes

Detailed list of Learnerships and Skills Programmes to suit your skills   needs. The information below is a list of offerings.

Learning Programme number   linked to SAQA Qualification

Learning Programme/SAQA   Qualification names…


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How to deal with a difficult employee

In a perfect world every employee would always do their best, in both job performance and attitude. Unfortunately, however, as an HR professional one of the toughest aspects of your job is dealing with “problem” employees.

There are a few key points to bear in mind when handling this thorny issue to promote the best outcomes for all parties involved.

Distinguish between substandard job performance and misconduct

These two transgressions are…


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SACAP Coaching & Leadership Talk: 2020 Workplace - 5 Generations in the Workplace

VENUE: SACAP Cape Town Campus

DATE:24 June 2015

TIME:18:30 - 19.30

SPEAKER:George Phipps

COST: Sponsored by SACAP

2020 Workplace:

5 Generations in the Workplace

“The workplace of the future is being shaped today, primarily by breakthrough social media technologies and the millennial generation. The workplace of tomorrow is being shaped primarily by globalization, shifting technologies and the shifting demographics of the workforce”

(Meister &… Continue

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B - BBEE Compliant 100% Black Women Owned

B - BBEE Compliant

100% Black Women Owned

Train the Facilitator Course Accredited with the ETDP SETA

Facilitate learning using a variety of given Methodologies learning prgrame of the National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Educaton Training and Development Practices.

This is an NQF registered unit Standard (SAQA US ID No 117871) Level 5. This programme is for any individual who is, or wishes to be involved in the education and training mainly facilitation… Continue

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