Hi.I need some help please .I am currently trying to register online with the MICT seta as a training provider .I am stuck on the field SDL number -I dont have one .I am a new provider and definitely below the R500 000 requirements to register for sdl .How can I bypass this field?Tks  Ed

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You have to do physical submissions of the PoE and letter of intent

Thanks Jamela .Will follow up

Yes and I asked the same question to the MICT Seta over email months ago, because our SDL number was not accepted online, but I did not get a reply yet ... :( . I wish they could make it more user-friendly - at least they are into IT or not?

If I can help. Your entity must be registered with Cipro, then you need to ask your accountant to to register you for PAYE and exempt SDL, which will give you a L number that you can use. Even though you are exempt from the levy, it will help you.

Also remember that you to access funding as a company, you have to have an L number, whether a levy payee or non levy payee.


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