Dear Training Providers and developers,

Our company name is SmartScript.  We've been in the development business since 2005, and we've had some very unfortunate dealings in the past, as have many of our clients.

It would appear there are some unsavoury characters out there who pretend to be developers and disappear once the provider has paid for their material, or they steal material and sell it as their own.

We would like to assist in pushing these people out of the training and development business so dealings in this industry is always pleasant and more importantly safe for all of us.

In order to do this, we have a few tips for prospective buyers of training material:

  • Ask as many questions as you can about who developed the material.
  • Check the business credentials of the people you are dealing with.
  • Do they have a registered company?
  • Do they have a website?
  • Do they have a company email address or is it a web address like @yahoo. Despite the best efforts of web mail based companies, it is still easy for these "fly by nighters" to get a quick and disposable email address. 
  • When purchasing material, ask for a letter of purchase on a company letterhead.

These are just a few things to help you ensure you get good training material, or actually get any material at all in some cases.

It really saddens us to hear all the stories of misfortune in purchasing training material.

Please be vigilant and lets fight this together as providers and developers.

Your comments are most welcome and would love for you to leave suggestions on how else providers can verify who it is they are buying from, and also what we as material developers can do to set your mind at ease when purchasing material.


SmartScript team

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I couldn't agree more!

I get sad quite often during times of extensive "red tape",fly-by-night situations and even when the SETAs are dragging feet over small things & training is not happening/delayed.  I have to ask myself "Where is the learner in all this!?" Is the LEARNER not why we started the system in the first place?

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for raising that.  Coincidentally about two weeks back I was told about exactly the same thing.  You have the QAP (old ETQA) sitting there with a training service provider - recommending them! 

Unfortunately, then the SDF, or L&D Manager, or the HRD Manager, whoever is senior in the meeting do not always feel confident enough to the raise the issue.  I suspect that most of these incidents are not even reported to the QCTO or SAQA for them to take action.

From what comes to my attention, there are just so many things going on that are legally actionable with very good causes of action under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act (PAJA) but who has the time, money, or inclination to fight with people who are taking discretionary decisions for or against them.

Maybe the issues could be taken up by BUSA - as was the issue on the mandatory grants being lowered to 20% refund, which BUSA won in the Labour Court. But then in fairness before taking legal action, the party needs to have reported to QCTO and SAQA, and possibly DHET Monitoring Directorate to give them a chance to remedy the situation first.

Thanks Pamela for the heads-up. I need training material for FETC - ECD practitioner qualification. If there's any service provider in the forum who have the material. Can they please email me at



Hi Nwabisa, we have emailed you with some details about the course.

Hi Nwasabi. I have this learning materials package and EDUWRITE meets all the developer checks listed by Hannes Nel and others. We have been developing ECD materials since 2004 and our ECD qualifications are used by most FET Colleges nationally. I will drop you an email. 

This is not True as far as FET Colleges is of concern, they don't exist any more. You might try the TVET's though!

Yes - TVET Colleges. Thanks Pierre :)

Fact is that even if you buy the material you will never know if it is plagiarised or a copy and paste exercise from the web. I phoned the ETQA directly and they cleared it. But then of course you find the ones that even has brothers in arms sitting at these levels, jip true as daylight. I’ve taken paragraphs from the material and copy and pasted paragraphs from the script into Google and voila what do you know, It comes up exactly word for word from site. The best of all is the financial calculations were done and presented in the course material as British POUNDS. Naturally that raised suspension. Yes, we did asked for demo's which was "OK", and yes we did phone the applicable SETA, so we procured the full qualification just to find that the rest of the material were verdammt schlecht!


So slowly the realisation sets in that if this material is accredited, some evaluator at the ETQA approved it, and if it was used for training purposes, the Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator BUT More IMPORTANTLY the external Moderator or Verifier are all in cahoots! What a scary thought. Every bid of this is true! So I phoned the SETA/ AQP CEO, spoke to him in person after being very persistent. So the end result is that a formal DISPUTE must be raised and every bit and piece of corrupted material must be flagged and tagged for the AQP to peruse.  Well, ok, that is all fine and dandy but we have also at the same time brought formal charges at the SAPS. If they are equipped to investigate and do this we will see, but time to ask addresses and checking business registration numbers has long gone. These Abschaum Taschen has raised their game so we will have to stay a couple of steps ahead. What really kotzt mich an is that these two chaps are not even born South African, but I am sure it is just a mild case of Fremdenhass on my side, again.


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