Over 237 Unit Standards for sale and 14 Qualifications. In-box me - lets get your learning material to you asap!

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so on a SASSETA unit standard how u charge on it like US 113909,119465, 7456

I will mail you a response, thank you!

thanx a lot i will be sure on Monday what US i need from u bcs the agreement is not finalised yet but im looking forward to work with u on that

Hi Tass. I sent you an inbox? I am looking for the following US: 377382, 377383, 377400, 377402.

Looks like my Inbox is not "Inning" - I have mailed you with what I do have. 

Good Day,


Please forward me a list of material available.


Is it possible only to purchase 1 (one) unit standard for the purpose of SETA accreditation - as a start-up company, I am currently working on a shoe string budget.  However, once my business becomes operational, I will be extending my scope to other courses.


If possible, I would then consider purchasing US ID 119345  Apply principles, regulations and legislation underlying supply chain management in the public sector.


Does each SETA compliant learning pack consist of the following Microsoft Word documents:


•         Learner Guide (including Formative Assessments)

•         Facilitator Guide (including Formative Assessment model answers)

•         Learner Assessment Guide

•         Facilitator Assessment Guide

•         Matrix & Rollout Plan


Is there sample for "look and feel" viewing?


I await your response.



Hi, please can you email me the soft skills unit standards




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