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I have a client who has completed the classroom instruction part of their Assessor as well as moderator training.  She has also completed her PoE but the training provider cannot assess or moderate the PoE due to various reasons.

Can someone please let me know of a provider that will be willing to assess the PoE for both assessment and moderation and to moderate it and send the results up to ETDPSETA for validation and certification (issuing of her records of achievement). Please also let me know what this will cost, taking into account that she's already completed the training and the PoE,



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tertia...try People development Africa....they are in Cape Town so I dont know that would impact your their contact details..speak to Elizabeth

I would gladly assist except for one reason. it is not permissible for a person to complete Moderator training unless they are qualified first as an assessor.
The provider responsible for training this person is out of line and this is possibly why they cannot complete the asssessment of the POE. Is this provider even registered and/or aware of the regulations?

Hi Tertia

Assessment College of South Africa will be able to help. 




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