Hi All, I am conducting research on various workbased upskilling models that can be applied to the biodiversity sector and possibly be mapped to OFO titles (Environmental). Some upskilling models that are  used in other sectors could potentialy be used in the biodiversity sector. I would like to put it out there and ask if there are any models that you are familiar with, and that you feel I should consider for further investigation? Many thanks, Adam

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Dear Adam, I hope you are well? How are things at the EWT? I work quite closely with BirdLife SA and met Andrew from Birds and Wind energy group last week at a capacity-building seminar.There is a chap based at the EWT, the conservation leadership group if I remember who is a member of our Biodiversity Human Capital development Forum, he is or was working on a similar initiative if I remember correctly.


When you say work-based up-skilling models could you be more specific. Are you talking about education and training learning programmes or models of delivering training and assessment linked to specific OFO titles?


My best, Ashwell Glasson

Hi Ashwell, all good this side and how are you? I am with the Conservation Leadership Group and also attended the last BHCD network meeting from the 04 - 06 October 2011. Most of the staff within our programme have had changes to their job descriptions the person you refer to may have been Graeme Wilson?

The work based upskilling models as I refer to is, indeed, focused on models of delivering actual training and assessment. At the end of the day what models will work best for specific OFO titles including the content and its application...Does this provide more clarity?


All the best, Adam

Thanks very much for that Adam,


Yes that is his name Graeme Wilson. Is he still there? I am based in Cape Town and work for NCC-Environment Services. I just do not have the time to get to the sessions of the BHCD with our big focus on biodiversity, environmental management and compliance. I am leading a project on developing an accredited range of learning programmes for various OFO-aligned areas for the biodiversity and environmental sector, mainly due to the lack of provision out there. many of the existing training and assessment providers like the Wildlife College and FGASA from a guides perspective are just too inflexible and many of the Public Higher Education institutions only cover certain skills requirements as part of broader under and post-graduate studies. The likes of SANBI, SANParks and others are experiencing massive shortages of skills in key areas that cannot be serviced, hence why we are starting out our own learning programmes to address these areas of need. We are actually working on the Wind Energy Bird monitoring learning programme as our first pilot and then will follow up with a range of other ones.


Thanks for the clarification I think the best thing is to look at which OFO titles you are referring to specifically and I can then provide you with some input.


It is great to hear how other key biodiversity and environmental organisations are also tackling the challenge. Good luck with it. Stay in touch.



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