Having worked closely with many providers and training managers, I find that the needs of training managers from company to company differ and somewhere along the line input from other levels within the organization have a profound effect on what is really achieved.


What is your experience and thoughts? What are you looking for in a training programme? Do you rely on grants or does your business really take the initiative and pay for training? What is your ideal training timeframe - do you prefer shorter (1/2 day) interventions on a weekly or monthly basis or do you prefer 2 and 3 day sessions at one time?


I would really appreciate your input and hope to be able to address all of your training needs and issues. Please feel free to engage with me directly. I would be happy to meet to discuss these challenges and issues further.

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Hi Jared

Do you know about our SAQA Unit Standard Aligned INDUCTOR and HASREP Trainer's Kits? You can customise and present these 2 courses as part of your Short Course and Skills Development Programme. These include First-Aid, Fire Fighting, Supervisory Skills, Electricity and Legislation. More info on all our other kits on Best regards Ken. 0829208912.




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