We are  a One-stop-SETA Accreditation-shop. Our services include: Training policies and procedures, material development and/or material alignment as well as the development of all the additional documents needed for accreditation. We can also assist you with finding assessors and moderators. Please contact us at or visit our website for more contact details.

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IMMEDIATE ACCREDITATION MATERIAL FOR SALE:  ( Not off the shelves, but designed and developed from scratch)

A Food & Beverage Skill Programme, the QMS and Phase B portfolio/ documents for submitting to CATHSSETA . A 1/4 of Travel Reception and 1/4 of Nature Site Guiding programme development is also included in the sale.

I have submittted and have very minor changes to do. However I have started a Coffee Roastery and blending business in the North West province and do not wish to continue with the CATHSSETA Accreditation.

The buyer could only insert their logo's/provider name and personal documents into the QMS /Policies and the Phase B Portfolio of evidence file. I will assist and give guidelines with the inserting of your details. I would also advice on completing your phase A letter/application, with the CATHSSETA requirements and assist with their new Self Evaluation Questionnaire and give guidance on the Assessor / Moderators application/registration to CATHSSETA. You will then be in a good stead to submit to CATHSSETA ETQA yourself for accreditation.

I have developed the following:

FILE 1: Phase B Portfolio of evidence to CATHSSETA: Primary Focus, Legal Entity , Provider organagram, provider details, Resources,Vision, mission & strategy plan etc

FILE 2: Quality Management Systems ( 7 X policies as per SAQA alignments and CATHSSETA requirements )

FILE 3: SP: Table Attendant ( with 2 addistional US added) HPS/TblAtt/2/0025 NQF Level: 2 Credits: 46

ALL GUIDES/MANUALS- Programme strategy / brief Learner Induction manual Facilitators manual Learner manual Assessor manual Learner Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) Knowledge test & model answers Workplace/off-site manual (logbook) (PROGRAMME COMPLETE)

FILE 4: General Travel Assistant, Sectretary TVR/GneRec/4/0001 NQF Level: 4 Credits: 51 (PROGRAMME 1/4 COMPLETE)

FILE 5: SP: Nature Site Guide TGD/NatSGd/2/0029 NQF Level 2 2 US (PROGRAMME 1/4 COMPLETE)


1. Accreditation Portfolio file (COMPLETE, NEED ONLY TO REPLACE YOUR PROVIDER DOCUMENTS) 2. QMS file with 7 X Policies (as per above list) (COMPLETELY DEVELOPED) 3. Skill Programme Food & Beverage Manuals (all manualls / guides as per CATHSSETA REQUIREMENTS) - 46 credits (COMPLETELY DEVELOPED) 4. Skill Programme: General Travel Assistant, Secretary/Receptionist (only 1/4 developed) 5. Skill Programme: Nature Site Guide (only 1/4 developed)

* Guidance and advice on submission of Accreditation file, QMS file and SP: Table Attendant * Soft (electronic copies) and 1 (one) set of Hard copy.

TOTAL : R 120 000.00

If you wish to make an appointment or visit my office in Lichtenburg, North West you are most welcome to peruse the developed material and documents as well as the report for a few minor additions from CATHSSETA. Included in the price would be guidelines and advice, but no additional developments or submissions.

I trust you find the information sufficient. You are welcome to contact me for any further enquiries.

Patsy Kruger Hospitality Training Academy Contact: 0827752065 or 072 2282121 Fax to email:086 5698867 Email:

21 Nelson Mandela Drive LICHTENBURG 2740


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