This may not be a review on a book, but since we are fellow bibliophiles here, language is obviously something close to our hearts. There is a growing trend of deteriorating business language online. There is still a standard of communication that we need to upload. This is a business web site and my advice is that we try to steer away from Textlish and keep it to English, the business language of most website. Before you post, look to see if any shortcuts that you would normally use in a text to a friend have crept into your post. Any more than arriving for a business interview in your slops and shorts (unless its for a surf shop or Cape Town!) you should be aware of how your messages are carried across and what impression is created.

More on Textlish here:

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One of the problems I think is that many members now access the site via their smart phone or Blackberry and so they are accustomed to using that language.  They don't realise that this is a window on the world that displays their personal brand. Maybe we should have more articles on how to develop and promote a personal brand - what it is and why it is important.


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