I am trying to find out but not easy to find the formula in which they calculate the ratings.


I need to know the amount to be spent (calculation) on Learnerships in respect of BEE Training & Development.


Can anyone assist?

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Hi Charlene, I am not clear on what you mean... on which amount must this calculation been done or expressed as a percentage of which amount?  I know that if you want to apply for tax concessions through SARS for learnerships, then

the Act states that the available concession has been increased. It currently provides up to 350% of the employees gross annual wage while on learnership, or R 100 000, whichever is the lesser in the form of a tax concession for the employer.

For larger companies, the skills development scorecard is similar to Qualifying Small Enterprises obligations but with higher targets. 

To achieve maximum points, Medium and Large enterprises must spend 3% of the company's total salary bill on learning programmes for black employees. Additional points can also be achieved if 5% of employees in the company are black employees participating in learning programmes or if the company spends 0.3% of company salary on learning programmes for disabled black employees. Learning programmes refers to any programme that leads to a qualification or part qualification.


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