The way we think on a daily basis ultimately determines personal success or failure. When we cultivate positive thoughts we have a tendency to behave in a positive manner but if our thoughts are negative then our behaviour will be negative. This is a fact and must be accepted as such whether you want to believe it or not.
Many people wake up in the morning and think “Oh no, not another day at the grind shop” while others wake up, full of energy and excitement at what can be accomplished today. Who do you think will have the better day?

Many people have found that, when they tune in to their internal dialogue, much of it is negative. Thoughts like, "I could never do that" and "What if I fail? or even “What if I succeed?” can seriously impact the way you behave. This, in turn, affects every aspect of your life.
Develop your positive attitude!
Listen to your internal dialogue and change every negative thought that comes into your head to a positive one. Re-word each thought as a positive one. For example if you think "I'll never get this finished by the end of the day!" could become, "I can get most of this finished by the end of the day."
Failure comes as a result of self inflicted obstacles and barriers. We create our own failure syndrome by failing to cultivate self belief. You can succeed irrespective of the obstacles place before us in life and in a business environment.
It’s all about letting go of the "emotional baggage" that holds us back. All that you require is already within you, so do not give your power away by blindly following others. Rather, trust in the goodness that already resides within you. Believe in your own abilities and dwell on the positive aspects of your life. Put the negatives of the past behind by asking what you have learned from the experience. If the lesson gives you some positive reinforcement then retain it if not cast it aside and let go of it altogether. “There is no point in living in the past”
Decide that every day will be a positive day!
The critic within is the internal voice of negative judgmental self talk. It is the nagging feeling, the inner voice that makes us critical of ourselves and others. This ability to think negatively was developed in early childhood and is based on childhood rules and standards we internalised about how we were supposed to think, feel and behave.
For many years we were “Subject to the Negative Influences of Other People”. These are referred to as the SNIOPS.
We learned to be critical of ourselves. We learned to fear and to be afraid. When we were told not to do something we didn’t do it. We learned to be critical of others when they did not conform to what we wanted or expected.
The critic within is continually judging what we can and cannot do. The inner critic is ready at all times to tell us how insignificant, inadequate, useless and incapable we are. It is the voice that causes self-doubt and negativity.
When we love and accept ourselves for who and what we are we see others in our lives as mentors on the road to our personal success. We listen and we learn from others. Suddenly we realise we are all working towards a common goal of success.
Failure is in the mind. If you believe you cannot do something then you never will.
Des Squire (Director) Applied Management Studies International (Pty) Ltd.
Des can be contacted at 011 646 9369 or –

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Hi Des
Yes! in every aspect you are right. However it is the damage that negative people do especially if they are the "informal leaders" in a group / section / family circle or whatever. The energy from positive people should be to show rather then tell negatives that they are high maintenance and energy / time draining.
Often these people need to see a plan to follow as it were to get out of the negative spirals they have created for themselves. Also, it is easy to be critical, almost a lazy way of looking at life.
Hi, Des

I enjoyed reading your 'article', because I agree 100% with you. It took me many years before I realised it. It is a 'lesson' that we as parent taught our two children from a young age and now that they are adults, we can reap the benefits of what we tried (suceeded?) to model to them.

I believe that religion plays a very important/ vital role.

Hi Elaine
What a pity so many people thrive on the negative and seem to be happier recounting negative issues and as a result spreading the negative sentiment. If we all spent more time looking for the good in others, in looking for positives we are surrounded with (we keep missing the positives because we are conditioned to seek out the negativs) What a place the world would be.
Here's a challenge to all readers. Look for something positive and good in each situation you find yourself in for the next 7 to 10 days and tell all the members of the Skills Universe about them. Let's see how much "positivity" we can find if we make a conscious effort to look for it? Negative people are like a cancer in any organisation and spread the cancer.




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