Joe Samuels has very kindly provided a copy of the signed document on the registration and accreditation of private providers.   Please see attached document, which will also be available in the Downloads section for anyone who has difficulty finding this discussion subsequently.


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Thank you for putting yourself out on a limb - you got the *smack and I got the echo!

Dear Des

It is a bit mischievous to suggest that I had chastised you for seeking clarity. I am very happy to answer any questions of clarification on this matter. I indicated this to Sylvia when I provided the document to be placed on the website.

Thanks Joe, we really do appreciate your clarification.  As this demonstrates, while documents may seem clear to those creating them, they are often open to interpretation by others.  I suppose that's why the legal profession flourishes.

I agree with you Sylvia! I am very happy to provide clarity as one of the signatories of the document.


I am glad someone feels sorry for the providers as we are, after all, the customers.

I say this "tongue in cheek" and without being mischievous.

After reading the document, I have a question - if we are doing a qualification or skills programmes on NQF L4 - Further Education & Training Certificate (FETC) - do we then need to apply for registration and accreditation with DHET and Umalusi?







Hi Desiree

If the qualification is on the Occupational Qualifications Framework (OQF) then the answer is no QCTO accreditation will be required.


Hi Joe, I'm sorry - maybe I'm just slow, but your reply just doesn't make any sense to me.  Desiree asked whether if doing NQF L4 FETC qualification do they need to apply for registration & accreditation with DHET & Umlusi.  You responded no QCTO accreditation required.  I am genuinely confused.  Please can you explain further for me.

Thanks for seeking clarification I was doing this answer quickly! The answer is no to seeking accreditation with Umalusi and registration with the DHET, if the FETC is on the OQF! If the qualification is on the Genfetqf then then you seek accrediation from Umalusi and registration from DHET. If it is on the OQF, then only QCTO accrediation is needed. Now let me answer Des' question. It is SAQA's responsibility to allocate where qualifications are assigned. Occupational qualifications will be placed on the OQF!

Well, that's a relief! Thanks Joe.  I had thought I was following the concept and yes, your clarification is my understanding.  Depending on where the qualification is allocated, that will determine where you seek accreditation and ultimately you will always register with DHET (when SDA is amended). 

On QCTO and OQF, is there some influence that you could bring to bear to have more transparent communication on what is going on?  The minimal communication and lack of transparency just fuels the confusion and conspiracy theories.

Hi Sylvia
SAQA and the QCTO will be posting a joint communique in the next day or so and I hope that we will be able to do similar things together!

Great news Joe - we will do all we can to spread the word - I'm sure members will welcome the information.  They may not always agree, but at least they'll know what's going on!


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