Joe Samuels has very kindly provided a copy of the signed document on the registration and accreditation of private providers.   Please see attached document, which will also be available in the Downloads section for anyone who has difficulty finding this discussion subsequently.


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Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much!

Thank you Sylvia. It certainly makes an interesting read...

Does anyone know how to register with the QCTO and their contact details??

The QCTO delegated the responsibility to SETAs to accredit providers, there is no need to register with the QCTO!

Thanks for the clarification - I thought for a minute there I had another whole lot of paperwork to do.


Much appreciated

Hi Joe,

Would it be possible for me to mail you and ask some questions? I am trying to wrap my head around things.

Many thanks,


Hi Sonia and Joe, 

The questions are highly likely to be the same questions that many other members want to ask but are reluctant to embarrass themselves by making it public that they do not understand.  So it I'm wondering whether you would be prepared to ask the questions of Joe publicly or send them privately. 

Joe, if you could then post the answers onto the site - or provide the links to the SAQA site if the answer relates to a document. It would save you having to reply to hundreds of members wanting to ask the same question.

Hi there Syliva,

Thanks for replying. Please let me know what would be preferable in terms of where and how I send my questions.

Am really grateful for everybody's willingness to assist me,



Hi Sonia It depends on to your questions refer.  You added your comment here so if they are relevant here, then just reply to this discussion.  Alternatively, if they relate to another discussion - or group you could add them there.  

If it's all too much to work out - just go to Forum - click add to add your questions.  At the bottom of the comment block there's a Category you can choose - one of them is QCTO, there's also accreditation - see what suits best.  Let me know if you have a problem. 

Just two comments

So the document - in the interest of clarification and in order to avoid confusion should have read  - "Providers must apply to the QCTO or the delegated body (the relevant SETA)" - the Irish are stupid???

What qualifiactaion are currently classified as "qualifications or part-qualifications on the OQF"?




So in plain English - if you are a private provider and are not accredited yet but are in the process of doing so with your SETA, keep going ahead with this process??? Have I got that right?

Hi Tass,

I CAN SAFELY CONFIRM YOU ARE 100% CORRECT. (I was chastised appropiriately for seeking clarification) 



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