Dear Material Developers,

I often get requests for training material, and sometimes I simply do not have what the people are looking for. How about simply sending me your email address and when I have a request (of which I often do!) It would be helpful to send me a list of what you do have. Payment will come directly to me, I deposit your portion and you send the material to the contact directly. Drop me a line!!

Hope to hear from you soon!



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Hi Tass,

I develop materials that is more company specific. I design the exercises and assessment tools around company specific examples and relevancy. I also align existing materials. A lot of the established companies have rooms full of training manuals that are not accredited or aligned and I provide that service as well. So If you have any clients that are looking for a more personalised service rather than off the shelf materials, please keep me in mind.

Kind regards

Michelle Hendriksz


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