Looking for business people interested in assisting charities and earning more for yourself.

I am calling on anyone who has an interest in supporting 9 of South Africa's charities whilst at the same time, giving you money back each month too.Charities such as, Choc, Cansa, SPCA, South African Red Cross, Reach for a Dream these are only a few.

It seems that charities are always last in the queue and dependent on mostly once-off donations. This makes it difficult to plan and commit to ongoing projects. Give For Life addresses these shortcomings and present charities with an ongoing no cost solution.

Join the Give for life program today and make a difference today. (copy and paste into browser if link doesn't work)

(available 24 hours a day).

If anyone is interested in the above, there is a webinar on tonight (Thursday) between 7pm and 8pm.
You can register for the webinar to learn more about Give for Life. If you do decide to attend, please use my name Marilyn Jones as the person who introduced you as well as my cell number 0823492302.You will be under no obligation to do anything afterwards, but it will give you a better understanding. 

You will see all the computer system requirements necessary to join in.

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