Dear concerned members.  As you know, various issues and concerns have been raised in desperate need for solutions and guidance.   A large summary report of issues and concerns were submitted yesterday to the QCTO.  I have received confirmation from the QCTO this morning very early, that they acknowledge receipt of the submission.

Areas of Concerns Raised (in summary) are as follows:


New Stipulations: One or more of the applicant SDP Directors appearing on the CIPC or NPO registration document and seeking accreditation or programme approval with the HWSETA shall provide proof that they possess sector qualifications with minimum of 120 credits, and a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the field.

DoL Notice – Forces Providers to apply for accreditation at the HWSeta – (providers will be forced to close down)


Changes in Accreditation Criteria without informing Providers - horrendous effect on the Construction industry, major log jam with re-accreditation and re-registration applications.


NLRD uploads not conducted, refuse to apply for unit standards in use for re-registration – learners being disadvantage, provider(s) to close down – Seta not complying with the Skills Development Act, NQF Act.


Uninformed decisions made without due regard for the consequences to the regulated environment, safety aspects of the LMO Industry. Forcing lower certification rates, mass destruction and damage to industry, inconsistency and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, Driven Machinery Regulations ignored.

W&R Seta

Extension of Scope delays and issues unacceptable – costs for providers and refusal of reports of decline.  Procedural Fairness ignored


Various general concerns have also been submitted which was extracted from some discussions.  It took some time to put this together (15 pages long).  With this said, I also want to thank Mr Nigel Shipston that offered to help me on the final draft (my fingers were numb and the eyes struggled).  Thank you Nigel for the help.

So what happens now that the QCTO have acknowledge the submission of concerns and issues?  Well, it is a large complaint with various issues and concerns with a number of SETA’s.  To be fair, we need to give the QCTO time to evaluate all the issues raised in order to give us a response on guidance, clarity and possible actions that have been taken.  It needs to be clear that QCTO is committed to resolving disputes between providers and SETA Quality Assurance Partners or QAP’s (what was previously referred to as SETA ETQA’s) to prevent such resulting in legal action.

I urge you (for those that are considering to take legal action) to please wait for the outcome.  I really do feel that your input and concerns have been voiced in the correct manner, and that the QCTO will act accordingly with guidance and solutions.  Myself and Nigel are offering to coordinate and present any reasonable issues so that we have a single channel to work through on this group.

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Please afford me this opportunity to extend a word of gratitude towards Mr Nigel Shipston and yourself for the excellent work that you are doing...

Thanks Henk, we seem to be suitably situated for this due to circumstances, so we can make the most of it.  It has long been my experience that when issues are addressed with support, we can get things done.  Too often, individual efforts are ignored by authorities, even though the concerns addressed do represent large groups.  When QCTO does come into operation, I for one, would like to see an environment in which training providers can operate effectively without the detractions that hinder our current operations.  Now is the time to set the right path for all our futures.

Hi Henk, you are most welcome, and thank you for your valuable input.  We need to work together to get solutions, which will benefit all.  The biggest concern (which is the reality) is the learners that fall under all the providers - I don't have the number - but by looking at the amount of providers nationwide - the negative impact on learners have not even been considered - it is devastating.  If we report our concerns it will have a positive effect on the learners.  They say: act now, think long term - and this is what we are doing.  I do hope that the continued support from Providers will remain, as this cannot be done by a hand full of individuals. 

My deep gratitude to both of you for this. Thank you. 

Hi Tass, thank you!  Together we can achieve quality education, find solutions and build on skills for a better future!  It is going to be a journey, with a couple of potholes.  I really do believe that the QCTO will assist and guide us.  I will keep you informed

Thanks Lynel, May I please add Services SETA - a year after final exit moderation waiting for certificates.

Hi Sylvia, you may add concerns, for sure.  It would be very helpful if Seta concerns can be posted on this Discussion.  It has taken me so many hours to submit the first report, as the concerns and issues are all over - and I might have actually missed some.  Very difficult to track and report on important issues!  If there are any way to link specific discussions or request that members that have raised concerns/issues place it here, it will really be of great help.  This is a big task to do, and this way it will really reduce hours!  Please place concerns, and we will start drafting a second report! 

Indeed, makes life easier if all issues are routed through this discussion, and nobody gets left out.  It is also a public record that will make any further investigations/research a lot easier.  Accessibility to info is going to be pretty important in achieving our purpose.

Agree 100%, there might have been issues that we did miss. 

Thanks Lynel,
I realise that administrative processes can always go wrong, things can be overlooked, forgotten, etc. But my concern is that there is no evidence of any sense of urgency, no apology for shockingly poor service, no commitment to sort out the problem - despite numerous time-consuming follow-ups.

Apparently, we are just expected to put up with it. Personally, I don't think that tax-payers money should be wasted like this on such administrative incompetence. There is far too much to be done - we cannot afford this waste.

Hi Sylvia, I agree with you.  Poor service delivey is not acceptable.  So here is what I suggest we do.  If a member has an issue or concern, the following is important:

1. The name of the Seta

2. The concern/issue raised

3. What actions have been taken to address the issue/concern with the Seta

4. What impact does it have on the business or to the learner/assessor/moderator/employer

Issues and concerns not addressed directly to the Seta first, will not be considered or actioned by the QCTO.  We respect the reporting line and processes.  Keep evidence (records/emails) of how attempts were made to address the concerns/issues.  Post the concern/issue on this Discussion with the 4 points/indicators.  Once a number of concers/issues have been place, we compile a detailed report and submit this to the QCTO for assistance.  The response from the QCTO gets placed/posted on this discussion.  I think this will be a good way of tracking this journey.  Will that help?

I noted the QCTO suggested that attempts must be made first to follow the appropriate grievance procedure relative to the SETA concerned.  I have just done a quick search, and has anybody noticed an alarming lack of information on, and access to, grievance procedures on SETA websites.  I recall a time when these were publicly displayed.Maybe we should approach all ETQA's and get copies of these policies and documentation?




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