Hi Guys, Please advise me.


I have applied 4 months ago to Services Seta to register as an assessor for FETC:Real Estate. I have been dealing with Azipheli at SS. He refuses to return my emails when I query the progress. I phoned Darren at the Seta and he promises to get his manager to call me-still nothing.

I emailed Masechaba as well as Samantha, still nothing. Eventually I emailed customer care 3 weeks ago-nothing. I am now at wits end I am desperate to register as an assessor.

Can anyone assist?

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Hi Eddie, I don't know if you had an answer to who CEO of Services Seta is already by Dr Sihle Moon is CEO and Administrator: number to call: 011 276 9600

I think we should take this matter to also make ourselves loud to the office of President Jacob Zuma so atleast he knows before he can talk about the creation of jobs to the youth of this country he knows who to talk to first and how they must run the business in that office.

We are not going to be treated like this while we trying to help plus make too much noice without delivery.

Russel I am with you on that one also the office of President Jacob Zuma should be informed of what is going on down here. They mustn't talk about creating jobs and they don't have an idea what is happening in this offices that we work with to make this happen.

After what happen last week if I was a quiter I was going to do so but when I look at those unemployed youth that call, email everyday looking for employment opportunities then I have to stay and fight this horrow Services Seta.

People help me most of industries are looking fro xperiance that is so hard to have  is it. we have all Qualifications but no Experiance so who can help bcs freelance promise to assist and get all yo documents and is the last word from them 


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