Hi Guys, Please advise me.


I have applied 4 months ago to Services Seta to register as an assessor for FETC:Real Estate. I have been dealing with Azipheli at SS. He refuses to return my emails when I query the progress. I phoned Darren at the Seta and he promises to get his manager to call me-still nothing.

I emailed Masechaba as well as Samantha, still nothing. Eventually I emailed customer care 3 weeks ago-nothing. I am now at wits end I am desperate to register as an assessor.

Can anyone assist?

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Sure Sylvia and I am 100% backing you the second bottle of good scotch  

Great Mandlenkosi - we need delivery - and I am positive we can get it.

Just look at Eddie's experience - make the problem known - make it public - and help will definitely arrive.  On skills-universe now we have had success with a number of complaints that have been met.


Most SETAs do the same, talking from xperience, keep on being a pain in the .....s, until you get what you want, that's how to deal with the SETAs

Hi Lemmy - I think the message is - don't keep talking to the Seta yourself - put your complaint on skills-universe - we send to the right person - and see Eddie has service now!

Dear Mr Mzileni

Kindly scan and email me your Assessor statement of results, academic qualifications and updated CV, ID Copy since

 the construction of our website we are unable to view attachment from our online applications and elaborate

qualifications you would like to be registered for falling under SSETA,  I do apologise for   inconvenience caused.

this emil from SSeta thanx for making them remember us .Roydon

regards mzileni


I just want to say that I take my hat off for the MICT Seta, i recieved my registration within 3 weeks, fantastic.




im with u Johan they help me to in a 2wks.... even SASSETA are so fast 


I think it is basically just a mindset and an attitude thing. People are just lax and don't care.


Hi Guys ,thanks for all the contributions .I was very surprised to get an email from Samantha at Services Seta this afternoon(without me even contacting them-very unusual) .She needed me to email my qualifications (for the 4th time).But we thank God for little mercies-i dont mind doing it again ,as long I have had some response ,thats what really matters .I firmly beleive that one of you guys have provided the solution .I have a suspicion that it was Des Squires idea of emailing the link of our discussions and our disatisfaction to them that eventually elicited a response from them.I have sent all the docs through again-I will keep you posted.Regards Ed

Well miracles never cease..... there is a glimmer of hope.... glad you came right, Ed

Hi Guys ,fantastic news .Samantha Smith (who I suspect used to be Samantha Oosthuizen)emailed me this morning confirming that my assessor registration has been approved .I am now registered by Services Seta against the qualification FETC Real Estate NQF4 .Natuarally I hit the ceiling and came down and when I recovered I thanked her profusely .So take heart guys I beleive that there is some improvement thanks to all you guys .I guess the botton line is "just keep persevering"Now to tackle the MICT seta.thanks for your assistance.Regards Ed

Great news! i am happy for you.

I also had feedback from SSETA regarding the time frame. At least someone responded



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