Hi Guys, Please advise me.


I have applied 4 months ago to Services Seta to register as an assessor for FETC:Real Estate. I have been dealing with Azipheli at SS. He refuses to return my emails when I query the progress. I phoned Darren at the Seta and he promises to get his manager to call me-still nothing.

I emailed Masechaba as well as Samantha, still nothing. Eventually I emailed customer care 3 weeks ago-nothing. I am now at wits end I am desperate to register as an assessor.

Can anyone assist?

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I have the same problem, no feed from October last year.  Please we need to address this issue as it interferes our work.

Is there a way we can resolve this issue


Hi Roydon

I have sent my application to register as an assessor to Azipheli as SSETA.He actually responded to me emails but i am just waiting now on confirmation of how long this process will take. This is really ridiculous that someone has to beg just to get service from these departments.  


email me and i will give you some contact details



I don't know what is wrong with Services Seta right now.

We are having a BIG problem as they are holding back the funds for January and February we are frustrated as much as the interns.

Companies are treatening to leave us because of none payment of interns of which we try so hard to work with them trying to get money so we can pay the interns.

I was even trying to organize a match to Services Seta with the interns to demand payments.

I think since Ivor left no one is capable to run Services Seta.

If you call you are just waisting your time because it rings forever.

You email same story they hardly get back to you.

Im having a very similar issue. I just called and spoke to Aziphelis manager who promised to call me back on my cell to advised. I will let you know if i get helped so that i can refer you.


Exactly 3 months after my Extension of scope application TODAY - I have received my document.

After many back and forth emails and calls on a weekly basis.

So be persistent then you will get a response.

Dear Roydon,

If you've been following previous discussions on the subject of SETAs you will realise that the only solution is to disband all the non-functional SETAs, especially the Services Seta.

Not much comfort I know.



I also experience problems with one of the high rated SETAS, No communication when mails are send to them. We are 650km from them so it is not so easy to go and speak to them. When you call them they promise but do not deliver. I am even considering a non- conformance directed to Minister Nzimande.


Samething applies to me i register with them on 23/12/212 hoping they will come back to me but they didnt until  i call them 3wks ago and they told me my form is still in the Q 4 verification so im still waiting

It has been many years since I dealt with Services, but seems things don't change. We had huge issues (and this SETA isn't unique). E-mail is not the best form of comms with them. Found daily calling (often multiple times), speaking with multiple people and just constantly nagging was all that resolved our issues. No point leaving messages either.  I still on occasion get 'unread and deleted' reports on emails sent to SETAs several years after the fact, which just shows how far backed up emails get in the system.  Nag, nag, nag and nag...on the phone is all I can recommend...

as we spaek im online with the lady by the name Ziyanda n she will email me back that all #sad#




Hi Roydon - I have experienced much the same problem - you have to keep on contacting them and following up. Have you tried to apply online?  Their systm wouldn't allow me to verify changes recently so I don't know if it is properly functional.

Perhaps Providers should set up a "Hello Peter" system through Skills Portal where the relevant SETA CEO (In Services SETA case Dr Moon) gets a copy of the complaint??





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