Newly accredited training company based in Durban is looking for contract/freelance facilitators who are subject matter experts to include in its pool of contract/freelance staff. If a facilitator can facilitate and assess the qualification it would be an added advantage.
Qualifications are as follows:
1. Labour Recruitment SAQA ID 58063
2. Business Practice SAQA ID 61755
3. Business Administration Services SAQA ID 61595
4. New Venture Creation NQF 2 SAQA ID 49648
5. New Venture Creation NQF 4 SAQA ID 66249
6. Debt Recovery NQF 4 SAQA ID 49021
8. Contact Centre and BPO SAQA ID 80566
9. Contact Centre Operations SAQA ID 71489
10. Generic Management NQF 4 SAQA ID 59201

Fax CVs and qualifications to: 086 234 0892

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I am registered for 3 qualifications you need a facilitator and assessor. I can facilitate and assess all of them. I am readily available.


Hi Fikile

Thank you for your response.

At the moment we are looking for people based in Durban only, I notice you are in Joburg.

We will keep your details for when the positions open for Gauteng as well.


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