We are urgently looking for Faciliators, Learner Support, Assessor and Moderators to work on contract See below list of unit standards.

                             Unit Std                                                                U/Std    NQF   Cr

1.Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls                                 14348       2     2

2.Apply problem solving strategies                                                      14927       2     4

3.Demonstrate stress management techniques as a self-help tool         260466     2     8

4.Interpret and manage conflict  within the workplace                        114226     3     2

5.Manage time and work processes within a business Environment       14342        2     4

6.Attending to a customer in an office environment.                           14338        2     3

7.Receive, distribute and dispatch mail in an office environment         14347        2     2

8.Receive,consult and direct visitors in a reception area                      14350        2     5

9.Participate in formal meetings                                                         14911        2     3

10.Apply Self Management through the Concepts of Positive

Self-esteem and Resiliency                                                                14063         2      3

11.Describe how to manage anxiety and depression in the workplace                                                                                         244571      3       2

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Assessors and moderators are registered against qualifications gnerally as the registration  criteria is specified per qualification and not per unit standard.. Which qualifications do these unit standard form part of.

I am interested in facilitating, assessing or moderating Unit Standard 114226 - Intepret and Manage Conflict within the Workplace.  I am accredited to offer the Unit Standard.


Attached, herewith, please find my Assessor/Moderator Report, ETDP SETA Statement of Results as well as my accreditation letter.


My contact details are as follows:

Cell No: 076 980 1421

Tel.No: (011) 867-6117

Fax No: (011) 867-6412

e-mail address:



I am a Soft Skills facilitator based in Gauteng and do travel to give training. I can assist.

Please advise.

Ambrose Sampson

Soft Skills facilitator



i am accredited as facilitator, assessor and moderator on the following : 14348, 14342, 14338, 14347 and 14350 with service seta


name ; nelson

cell 0712209500


I am available as from February 2012. Please peruse my CV.


Hi Pamela


I have attached my accreditation documentation for your attention.


Hope to hear from you soon.


Regards, Rika (

good morning, i would like to facilitate and assess. Please forward me your email address. i am interested in u/std 260466, 14063 and 244571. please let me know when you need people to facilitate. my email address is , cell: 083 4923562

interested how urgent do u want the facilitators and assessors


Hi Pamela

My name is Ambrose sampson.I am a freelance facilitator. I am immediately available to facilitate the following unit standards 

14927 ,260466 , 114226 ,14342 , 14338 ,14347 , 14911 , 14063 (My favoutite ) , 244571 .

I am looking forward to you reply.


Ambrose Sampson





Hie Pamela,


I am interested in facilitating U/S 14348. I have a strong call centre and soft skills training.


My contact dets:  0730151118

Dear Pamela

Please find my INSETA attached scope for consideration.




Hello, I am very interesting in Facilitating and Learner Support, Assessment and Moderating the following unit standards;

Apply problem solving strategies ,Demonstrate stress management techniques as a self-help tool ,Interpret and manage conflict within the workplace , .Manage time and work processes within a business Environment ,  Self Management through the Concepts of Positive Self-esteem and Resiliency and Describe how to manage anxiety and depression in the workplace.

Attached my CV  and proof of registration at HWSETA.

Looking forward in hearing from you.






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