I completed my Assessor and Moderator Training a couple of years back,but I am really sure how to go about the process of accreditation.If anyone has information and contact details I would greatly appreciate that.I need to register under Services Seta.

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The best is to go to the service seta office and speak to someone. You can register online but the process is it is not working so you will sit and wait till the end of days not knowing what is happening.  

Hi Owen

You can contact:

Darren Wheeler

CAM Administrator


Tel; 011 694 8640

Fax; 011 276 9796

His manger's details:

Ziyanda Mtshotshisa

Tel; 011 276 9600

Fax; 011 276 9648




In order for you to register yourself as an Assessor and moderator with Services SETA, they have an online application whereby you complete and submit all your documentation.

Herewith the link for the application:



Hi Marilize


Thank so much for your assistance.



Hi Owen

I have tried the online application system- does not work- please refer to the details i sent you.They will send you the application form - you need to complete it and send back with the relevant documentation- all you need to do after that is to call them and confirm your application.


Accreditation refers to a training provider who wishes to have a training business registered and accredited by a SETA. You state you are qualified as an assessor and moderator and I assume you wish to register as such with the Services SETA. This is referred to as registration as a Constituent Assessor and or Constituent Moderator.

To do so you would need to identify what areas of expertise you are qualified in. Once you have established your areas of specialisation you would need to identify the various qualifications and unit standards that relate to these areas. Qualifications and unit standards can be accesed on the SAQA web site or the Services SETA will provide you with these on request. 

After listing the qualifications and unit standards against which you would like to register you would then need to go to the SETA web site and complete the online registration. I suggest you make contact with the seta and speak to one of their people - ask for Samantha who will assist you and guide you through the process. Good Luck  




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