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    I see labels such as “Expert”, “Promoter”, “Contributor” across members’ profile photos. What does it all mean?

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for asking. The default when people join is no label. The Promoters are Portal Publishing staff who contribute by promoting on the other sites.

    Most members are looking for something, seeking assessors, facilitators, materials etc. But over time some members start to contribute more by answering questions, giving advice and helping each other, and particularly publishing information and articles that are informative for other members – the Contributors.

    Then also some members demonstrate by their contributions their level of expertise and partly also their position, and receive labels of Expert  – Joe Samuels the SAQA CEO is an example.

    I create the labels and it is my subjective interpretation of what I observe. On a few occasions I have taken a label off when the member just doesn’t participate on the site anymore.

    You may also find interesting that the “Top” discussions or content also changes – during the week it will usually be top content of the day, but at weekends when it is quiet it is top content of the week. There is also a difference between top content which will include photos, top discussions, and top blogs. Usually I will use Top Content as it includes everything.

    Then a final point, every day I am deleting a few people who are not participating and haven’t uploaded their photo. Usually they have also set their profile not to receive any communication from us.  We have decided not to go over 10,000 members and new members are joining every day.  However, I also refuse membership virtually every day because I don’t accept members who don’t give a full name and upload a personal photo. I don’t accept company logos or company names.  Our objective is to have contributing members, who are identifiable. 

    I hope all this helps explain is of interest.

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    Thanks Sylvia, this does clarify.For what it’s worth, I make no assumption on the value of a post based on labels, or past contributions, but was curious noticing the labels for the first time yesterday when one appeared on my photo. (I thought I had broken the community :))

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    sylvia hammond

    Hi Tom,

    Your postings these last two days have confirmed my previous assessment (subjective informal) that you make contributions that advise and assist and inform others. In short your experience and preparedness to share benefits the whole community 🙂


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    I get enough help from here myself. I have always, in almost 30 years in training management, reaped the benefit of consultation both formal and informal. People coach me and they don’t even know it.

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One thought on “Photos and labels

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    Nigel Shipston

    Indeed Willemien!

    I think Alexander was referring to “legal” re-certification albeit in a different sense.

    Lance, I have had a number of fairly recent experiences with this very topic and it calls into question so many issues.  Does accreditation with a SETA indicate credibility? What is the real level of OHS and legal requirements knowledge among training providers?  If the training providers are not up to scratch with legal requirements, just what are they training the Learners?  Has training become an easy access point for people with minimal knowledge of proper training procedures, being rubber stamped for operation by SETA Accreditation Checklists?

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