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    Hi Everyone

    Did anybody try to contact the Services Seta  now recently. I have but what a disgrace. The phone rings- someone picks up the phone- does not greet or anything- you are put on hold immediately.

    No one cares to ask how he/she can help.What does one do in a situation like this. Do i go there personally?

    Who do i complain to? No emails are answered- if answered then you still need to follow up again cause that is where it stops.

    I have called the ff; people now(today

    Azipheli Mavela- 011 694 8609(handled my application)  my application was submitted 29/01/2013-i was told that it takes about 6-8 weeks for processing

    Darren Wheeler-011 694 8640

    Samantha –      011 276 9759

    Can someone please advise me what to do.





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    Marie Smith

    Yes, no responses to e-mails sent three weeks ago with a weekly follow-up….. Two years after a long battle to get re-registered, received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago that I can collect in person (drive from Pretoria to Parktown) my registration certificates which have now been printed. I negotiated with Natasha Lanie (very helpful) to have the code of conduct collected by my courier, then return the signed code to them by courier and have the courier collect my certificate for assessor and moderator registration. Unfortunately both certificates only listed two of the 5 qualifications that I am registered against (must congratulate them that their web page listings are eventually up-to-date) and I am not able to get a response about the others. Natasha cannot action – she had to refer to someone else.

    But the HWSETA is as unreachable – was on the line for 2 full hours on Monday, trying various people, and only got the automated answers and constant music…. Wondering where is the ETQA team? Monday meetings all morning?

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    This is ridiculous- totally unacceptable- why must we tolerate this?- how must one continue- you cannot do anything (work)unless they give you the go ahead- the actually dictate your future when it comes to work or business.

    Something must be done- I will then have to go there myself on Monday- the only way i will get an answer



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    I have been trying to call them the whole of this week, no answer. All emails I sent haave been returned as undelivered.

    Can anyone help?

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    Marie Smith

    Try speaking to Natasha Lanie or Samantha Oosthuizen.

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    David Jooste

    What I find truly amazing is that this is the people who decides whether we are competent to provide/conduct assessments yet they themselves do not know the difference between professional and micky mouse club representation.

    I seriously don’t know if they can contribute to skills development in general or if they even know what skills development is.


    No need to go in person – I have done so on Monday and was told to raise my concerns and objections in writing via email

    Although this seems to be a general thing with all the different SETA’s – I’m still awaiting a response from the Wholesale & Retail Seta send in 2012 after I had to explain to the receptionist what that thing on the desk is that makes the “funny noises”


    I think its time we simply send our queries to the presidential hotline and counter copy Carte Blanche to do a story on the current stance of skills development in general.

    Personally I think all assessors should only be registered with the Educational SETA

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    Marie Smith

    David and Adeline I see that I did something that truncated my previous post. Although we do become highly frustrated, we also have to consider how few people at the SETAs are responsible for a large list of responsibilities. Sipho at the Pretoria office of W&RSETA, for example, is the only person responsible for answering ETQA-related queries, registration and re-registration of assessors and moderators, provider applications for accreditation and programme approval, site visits where required, etc. Under-resourcing at the SETAs may make work difficult for these people.

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    David Jooste

    I understand what you are saying but is still is unacceptable. As long as we are going to make excuses we are going to get this type of service. In any other organisation the procedure would be to employ additional staff – why not at the SETA’s? Could it be that the entire staff budget is used for 10 – 15 people?


    At the end of the day this is a value chain – I can only provide quality service when I receive the service of external customers such as the SETA and unlike the SETA our shareholders does not work on Africa time and education whether skills development at 28 or 8 is a human right. Everyone needs to understand that and contribute in order to meet the demand. And if you don’t get out of the industry so that people how could make a difference can be employed. 

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    Eddie Harris

    Hi Adeline ,my heart goes out to you .I could be shooting myself in the foot by saying this ,but I am so fed up with the pathetic level of service I dont care ,do yourself the biggest favour ,DONT deal with that Azipheli character ,he is absolutely useless.Rather contact Samantha ,she assisted me .I went through the same grief as you .Fortunately our Skills universe members where very supportive and assisted me greatly .Hope you get some joy soon .Regards Ed

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    Thanks Ed

    I have spoken to Samantha the other day- not very helpful-she referred me to Azipheli who handled my application- no joy at all.

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    Hi Marie

    They need to get their act together- under resourcing is not our problem- levies are being paid over to SETA  to help sustain them as well-what does government do about this ?

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