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I would like to know what are the down falls/implications of using training providers that are not registered nor accredited with the SETA. Is it advisable to make use of them?

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I personally would look for alternate training providers.  If they are not accredited or registered with any SETA you can't be sure that the course content is up to standard.  My advise, look else where.

I dont entirely agree with Winnie . Our very own  Educational Institutions at the highest level  have not done much  about SAQA or Unit Standards .

There are also Global players with excellent products who dont see the RSA SETA landscape as useful at all.

My advice :  When looking a training look at the results the trainers have had and get testimonials from other users.

I agree with Greg.  The lack of SETA accreditation and/or registration is not indicative of sub-standard programmes.  In some instances there are not any sutable unit standards available so one has to use industry excellence as a bench mark.


I am an accredited assessor and moderator and at times am asked by a non accredited provider to present a course. I make use of my own material which is fully accredited with both Inseta and TETA and thus there is nothing wrong with the course material, as it is more than up to date and is kept up to date being approved by the Association of Marine Underwriters of SA plus part is passed by average adjusters in London. Therefore it is not always correct to state that the material can be substandard.  Furthermore, it is the only course on marine insurance which is accredited with the Inseta.  Not a good idea to just presuppose content.


It depends on the course and the necessity, but most of the time - NO.

If it is a credit-based course and the learner is to receive credits/be entered onto the National Learner Record Database (NLRD) then a provider who is not yet accredited cannot ensure this for the learner. If it is a "nice to have" course, then perhaps you can.

Accreditation, even with its gaps, is at least a standard that providers should reach. \

No, Itebogeng. First of all they are operating illegally if they are not registered with either the DHET or a SETA, and secondly there is no accountability to any authority if things go wrong. 

Dear Jacqui, I have been trying to register with the Serviceseta since the SETA's first came into being; attended all the info meetings etc. - still haven't succeeded.


Jennifer Harris

021 674 4548

 It's probably the worst SETA to get involved with - been there myself. What reasons do they give you, Jennifer?

Jennifer, i can help you with the accreditation?   What seems to be the problem?

Hi Jennifer

We are accrediation specialists and we have been very successful in getting our clients accreditation with Services SETA. If you have not yet found someone to help you, you are welcome to email me with your contact details for a chat. We are in Somerset West. My address is

Marianne Cilliers 

Hi Jacqui, that is a long time to wait.  What's the problem, and can the NEW Services SETA help?  Now that the SETA has been weeded of its "former regime" you will find that things start moving - and not only for certain people.

It depends on the type of training you are referring to. I am the sole member of a first aid training company - been accredited by Dept Labour since 1995. My company's training is of an exceptionally high standard and my course content exceeds most SETA registered unit standards.

Dept Labour is the LEGAL COMPLIANCE requirement, not SETA.  This in itself should answer the question.

I have been trying to obtain HWSETA compliance for four years now - have had site visit, etc, & spent thousands of rands purchasing material which I will never use as it's inferior to my own - supposedly to ensure accreditation with SETA - the contacts I am dealing with there constantly move the goal posts & I've all but given up.

My current clients are long-standing, loyal clients & wouldn't be so if they were unhappy with the level of training I provide or lack of compliance.

So I would say, as long as you research potential training companies well, you should ensure you don't end up burnt :)

Hope this helps!




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