I have been unfortunate these days that I am not paid for my services rendered for Facilitation. One company went as far as telling me that I will be paid only when the client pays and the pay day never came. In most instance, i believe that Good Faith in rendering services like Facilitation does not work as in Good Faith you will deliver and be left knocking on the door. One have to CYA(in the words of my Management Lecturer) COVER YOUR A$$.....he used to say. I am sent an SLA and the terms and conditions always says....You will be paid upon submission of Administration and POEs and after that what you have as leverage to get paid....nothing but Good Faith. I am now getting info on my route of recourse as a Contract worker on not being paid. How does one ensure that they do not become part of the abuse of working and needing to negotiate and beg for payment. I need to know if other Facilitators send their conditions first to say 50% up front and the outstanding balance after Assessment. I need advise and also to know if there are other facilitators who are experiencing getting their payment..... I believe that we need to start naming and shaming such companies that abuse the facilitators!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Hi Nkhensani,

Whatever you do, whether it is 50% up front and 50% on completion, or 100% on completion, always retain something important until the full amount has been paid.  For example, if a report is necessary for the provider to continue the assessment/moderation process, make it clear that this will not be provided until the full amount due is paid.  An alternative in dire circumstances is to report the issue to the relative SETA, in which you could cite the possible lack of financial resources of the provider to offer training and assessment services which is a factor in qualifying for accreditation.  The possibility of an accreditation review always gets their attention.


Always bear in mind that once they have got what they need, there is no incentive to pay.  By making it clear up front that you will be withholding critical items until full payment is made will reduce the possibility of providers defaulting on payment.

Dear Nigel...


Thank you very much for the response. I did try withholding the documents and that yielded no the end I just gave up. I'll follow up with SETA and the enquire on your point there.


Thanking you kindly.

Hi Nkhesani

I saw ur posting and i am so hurt to see how providers exploit facilitators and assessors.

But we are here for you we are group of Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators based in Gauteng we have formed an organization called FAMsa, if you affiliate with us we can be of assistance to you,   when ever you are contacted by the service provider you tell them to talk to us about salaries then we assist you in getting a decent rate and we make sure you get paid at the end of project or training.

We call upon all facilitators, assessors and moderators to join us. R150 p/a

Contact me 0825447131

It is sad to hear such stories as i truly believe the Training company needs to take the risk of collecting payment from their client and not pass / share this risk with the facilitator. As a training company, we have failed to collect on a few of our ex clients but always paid our facilitators and yes, I believe the name and shame policy will ensure that Training companies don't penalise the facilitator who has honoured his duty and such should get paid. Hope you come right and hopefully this is is not the new norm in the industry.




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