I have recently embarked on the laborious process of redesigning a curriculum according to the specifications of the QCTO. Mind-numbing to say the least. 

Basically it's a rehashing of what we already have except that the active voice must be used rather than the passive voice as in the "SAQA" format. and it is excessively repetitive in that for every little segment one has to say what the tuition provider specs are rather than saying it once for the whole qualification. It's not rocket science although it would seem so the the uninitiated. New terminology that one has to get to grips with are things like

  • Occupational pathway
  • Occupational purpose
  • Occupational tasks
  • Occupational responsibilities

Oh well!


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It is probably good mental exercise to write a curriculum in the new format, Jacqui, but it is worthless unless you have been approved by the QCTO as a Development Quality Partner and used the services of a Qualifications Development Facilitator also approved by the QCTO (she or he will cost you a bundle). In addition, nobody can write a curriculum without consulting members of a working group who should all have some interest in the qualification (scoping, you see). I have an idea that you probably know this, but others might get the wrong impression if we don't point the structure out. Regards, Dr Hannes Nel, MD Mentornet  

Yes, Hannes, we are in the process. BEEG problem to get all the stakeholders together for lengthy meetings. Out of 35 invited to the pre-scoping meeting, 8 pitched. Some did not even bother to reply. 

Hello, if you need well heeled experienced authors to re write, drop me a line!

it can be fun, but getting the comunity of expert practices (CEP) together can be tricky. the new development process does require you to have some project management skills to implement.

i started in 2009 with developing these qualifications, and finally am able to get the qualifications registered. The QCTO has finally (he said hopefully) settled on the templates and criteria for registration and will not be changing it (again).

but yes it can be costly, and time consuming. but i have done 21 qualifications and piloted 1 to completion. it also requires a new implementation methodology.

anybody embarking on this process can contact me if you want to know about my experiences, highlights and low lights.

Hi Lenny, now I'm interested in this - my understanding from years ago attending an Assessor programme was that one didn't take into account anything more than 3 years old - on the basis that knowledge and technology had moved on and that it wouldn't be relevant.
This is not a personal criticism of you, but if it's taken from 2009, on that basis everything you've done is out of date - unless you kept updating it as you went along. If not, how relevant are qualifications that are already three years out of date? Or am I missing some point?

There are  new templates - very time consuming and tricky until you have got the hang of it. And on has to work with a QCTO Qualifications Development Facilitator (QDF) at great cost (they charge consultant's fees which is their right) but you are looking at about R4000 per day on average. 

In the interests of transparency - is there a published list of the QCTO Qualifications Development Facilitators?  Are they accredited?  Does one receive a listing to choose from - or are they appointed by the QCTO?

they apply to QCTO and get evaluated and registered.

they have to have developed at least one qualification under mentorship from an already regsitered QDF

Hi Lenny - thanks for your responses - so is the list of evaluated and registered QDFs published?

not sure if published, but we were given a list at one of the workshops.

It is not published but I have a list that was sent to me which I have attached.

The process is that you first have to  apply to the QCTO stating your intention to apply to be the DQP/AQP (example attached - please amend if you are going to use it) for an occupation listed on the OFO (Also attached).

Your application will be checked to see that there is no conflict of interest with someone else maybe wanting to be the DQP/AQP for the occupation. Not sure what the answer is if there is.  Then and only then can the process start. 


the sectors that i am working with have not changed in the 3 years.

i have also updated the information from the pilots run.

i will send you a curricullum to see how it will look.




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