Just saw the latest NEWS on Services Seta,

They have signed an MOU with a UK Based FET to capacitate 10 local FETs

- but WHY?

What could the UK based FET provide better or more

than a Private FET in partnership with the Public FET locally cannot already provide for?

IS the Setas in their endeavour to capacitate Pupblic FETs just IGNORING LOCAL resources already accredited by them?



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If you have an overseas travel budget to spend, there's no point in looking for a local private FET as a partner.

As a matter of fact, the UK FEt sector is light years ahead of our public institutions, in terms of quality provision, throughput, accoutnability, business like ethos ...


So the MOU is not surprising to me, and, indeed, I know of MOUs signed by some individual public FET colleges here and other UK FET colleges. 


Watch this space for further developments!

I can confirm that a comprehensive 3-year project was approved by the Services SETA Administrator in 2012, planning the capacitation of public TVET colleges against a number of critical needs.  The model looked to use private TVET colleges as facilitators of the change process, whilst moving themselves on to ground that would sustain their own future.  Following the departure of the Administrator, the new CEO froze all projects, including this vital TVET project.  When the CEO left months later, the Board ignored any attempts to revive the project.  They had had a "long and serious debate about it," I was told by a Board member. Perhaps the UK needs the money, and SSETA has plenty of it?

Actually, Marianna, I think the document is an old one (2012), when Blackburn was going to attend to leadership needs of colleges.  A couple of other SETAs also signed a MOU with them.  Like the capacitation project, the Blackburn project was rejected by the CEO, and later the Board (I stand to be corrected).

Well it raises a few questions for sure, like

a) where it the tender for this work? Was there one?

b) What does capacitate mean? Staff, Consulting or what?

c) why are we importing expertise when we clearly have the local expertise to do this and have a balance of payments problem?

d) why can the Services SETA not provide this support to the FET's? Is this maybe because Blade got rid of the competent management there?

d) why did Blade give the local FET's new responsibilities (taking them away from private training organizations) if the FET';s did not already have the capacity?

This sounds like just another daft move in the continuing charade that is education in SA.

Next step, let's import maths teachers to uplift maths in the schools.....having got rid of a load of them not so long ago....

Wow!! This is so, soo sad!

an exchange is always good and fresh and one forgets the many below par fet's that have limped along

we should welcome anything positive and a new energy because the stress and pressure of working in this environment that has a communist leader who ignores the process of education to benfit some vison of mindless voting masses only competant to sign their names for a grant and the fear to vote for anything else, for fear of loosing said grant

we have lived in an incestuous bubble for far too long and need to understand their is a global economy and companies that have grappled with the current problems we have 20 years ago and could provide solutions that will reduce the school fee costs by half or even all

it is not like we have tenderd and lost a revenue stream - we need anything that can blow the tedium out of this country from the education system and making educating a fun and exhilrating past time again

This was signed on 25 September 2012 - so two years old.  There is huge capacity within public TVET Colleges to support other TVET Colleges where there are specific needs.  It seems that achievement is not recognised in SA.  There are public TVET Colleges who have worked with most of the SETAs, business and industry over the last couple of years, has excellent financial management, has excellent pass rates, has good staff development strategies in place and have achieved consistently since the merger.  If the DHET can recognise the strength within the country, recognise good performance and use the internal expertise we will turn around the TVET sector in no time.


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