Services Seta update: Processing of payments from the Services Seta has been underway since Tuesday 10th May and is continuing.


Dear SSPF Committee Members, Members, New Members, Potential and Future Members  




Our relentless efforts have paid dividend.


Processing of payments from the Services SETA have been underway since Tuesday 10th May and are continuing.


The meeting convened today, 13th May with acting CEO Mr Devan Naiker, resulted in further verbal commitment being relayed and the assurance given of fast tracking such in view of closing the gaps and addressing the backlog. More so, the need for clarity by the providers was raised once again and a response thereto was that clarity will be provided and matters addressed by Dr S. Moon and  DHET Minister: Dr Blade Nzimande via a series of 5 road shows across allocated provinces which has been confirmed. Watch the press for details.




In the interim all Members are requested to reconcile their outstanding accounts and to formulate detailed individual spreadsheets in this regard. Submission is via the KLM Empowered offices, or direct to the Services SETA. Please do not discard compliance requirements as per the SLA terms of reference as failure to adhere will result in non payment.


Communications are requested by Monday from all parties that may have concerns and questions that need addressing by Dr Blade Nzimande at the Road Shows. Please email to




For the Industry and Profession across Sectors and SETAS, Friday 13th May, marks a red letter day.


Today, the collective voice of the people has been formalised and the establishment of;

The Association for Professional Private Providers (TAPPP) is now official. 


By means of interdisciplinary collaborations and productive partnerships across regions, our mandate is the representation of the Professional Private Providers as a Professional Body and as the voice of the providers.


TAPPP aligns our strategy to meeting government's objectives, monitors quality standards, establishes the industry code of conduct and ethics, protects their future, ensuring sustainabilty through capacity building, CPD and the service delivery of learner centered, work-based integrated skills development and career placement initiatives nationally; 


We aim to advance knowledge and skills transfer and to address provincial, national and global critical challenges; servicing both learner and industry through the generation, broad dissemination and practical application of work-based integrated learning initiatives that lead to gainful employment and advances the profession, the industry, independents, learners and interns.


The Association for Professional Private Providers (TAPPP) are agents of change. We will lead in  our contribution towards meeting all objectives as determined, setting the wheels in motion for a knowledge and skills evolution for the 21st century.


Membership Applications and supporting information will be available on Monday 16th May to Providers, Employers, SME, NGO, Suppliers, Independents, Interns and Learners. Please send your enquiries to




TAPPP Chairperson: Lyn Mansour


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Is there any reason I get no response from - Is there a problem. Communication on all other fronts has been 100% but the e-mail address fails to get a response.  


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