Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) Forum declaration

The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) Forum, comprising all 21 Setas in South Africa, gathered in Rosebank, Johannesburg to reaffirm our common commitment to the important task of effecting fundamental changes in the skills situation in our country.

Crucially, we recognise the role and place of the Seta system in the ongoing efforts to fight unemployment and expand our skills base, in order to promote growth and development in our country. Above all, we commit ourselves to ensuring that our work and the product thereof is underpinned by impact; it has quality and takes into consideration the needs of the previously marginalised.

Accordingly, the Seta Forum, comprising the Department for Higher Education and representatives of all 21 Setas in the country, make the following declaration:

1. The Seta Forum fully endorses the Minister’s new vision for the post-school education and training landscape and the overall transformation and developmental agenda for the Seta landscape.

2. We as the forum reiterate that we will co-operate with the Minister and continue to engage him on all transformation matters, including the proposed changes to the Seta landscape. We also re-affirm that whatever differences may arise from time to time, the legal route to resolve these is a hindrance to progress.

3. We wish to state categorically that we fully support the Minister’s transformation processes in the post-school sphere. We are fully aware that the Seta sector needs urgent transformation to cope with critical shortages of skills and resource training of our people. In this regard, we emphasise that we support the appointment of independent chairpersons as proposed by the Minister. We are also in agreement with the Minister on the need for the realignment of the Setas, with the mandate of the new Department of Higher Education and Training in mind.

4. As the Seta Forum, we unreservedly welcome the opportunity to engage with the department on matters of skills development. We believe that we can only do better if we continue to engage each other.

5.  We categorically distance ourselves from the ongoing case at the Labour Court between the Department and the Services Seta. We understand the recent judgement applies to the Services Seta only.

6. On its side, the department re-states its goal to restructure the post-school terrain in order to achieve the overall objective of skills development, employment creation and eradication of poverty. The department commits itself to continue to engage and consult with all relevant stakeholder and institutions in pursuit of this goal.


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One thing I can say: If the minister wants delivery from his department, he needs to get people that have the ability to challenge and correct him when they feel he is going astray, as long as they have the facts to back them up. Yes-men will not have the ability to take these entities to higher levels. They will always wait for orders to do their work when it is so well outlined in the various pieces of legislation. We need strong people who will lead, challenge and deliver on their mandate. That applies to the setas as well. Is there anyone inside the SSETA that is challenging Ivor when he is going astray? This seta has 3 deputy CEO's and one hopes they are not just tokens. What about the other 20 Setas?
Media Release
24th March 2011
POPCRU welcomes SASSETA Outreach Programme for its Stakeholders
POPCRU has welcomed the efficiency of Safety and Security Sectoral Education and
Training Authority [SASSETA] Stakeholders Workshop held over the last two months
aimed to solicit a buy-in and laying of the foundation for the new SETA
Landscape to be implemented as of the 01st April 2011.
The SETA Landscape will make SASSETA to be the primary safety and security
skills development and training in the country in general and the Criminal
Justice in particular. And this comes after the Department of Higher Education
and Training amalgamated the Metro Police and Traffic Law Enforcement into
SASSETA with effect from the 01st April 2011.
POPCRU views these developments as a necessary path in advancing 2007 Polokwane
Resolution on having a Single Police Service, placing of the Municipal, Metro
and Traffic Police under the command and control of the National Commissioner of
the South African Police Service, as a force multiplier and alignment of all the
structures of the Justice Cluster System to develop appropriate programmes that
addresses issues of safety, security and justice.
SETA’s have been identified as drivers of change in the creation of jobs as per
the State of the Nation Address by the President of the country and we adjure
all stakeholders to hold SETA’s accountable to achieve their targets of job
creation, enhancing of skills development and provision of opportunities for
workplace placement of learners. And that also entail achieving the Ministerial
Delivery Agreement Outcomes as signed by all Government Departments in general
and making South Africans feel safe outcome within the Criminal Justice in
Our expectations, amongst others, will be arounddeliverables such as;
    * Re-Skilling of Training Committees in all Workplaces to respond adequately to
the compilation of Workplace Skills Plan and the signing off on same;
    * Acceleration of Skills Development Provision for Traffic Officers as they
have not benefited for a long time;
    * Considering a Specific Dispensation for Offender Population to access Skills
Programmes integrated within their centres operational framework to avoid
turning Correctional Centres as warehouses for keeping people incarcerated;

    * Priority focus towards building strong Community Policing [Safety] Forums
and/or Street Committee to involve civilians on issues of safety and
    * Building of a reliable Oversight function by stakeholders to hold SETA’s
accountable on their delivery undertakings.

An achievement of the Vision as proclaimed in the Freedom Charter that “there
shall be Peace and Friendship, must be achieved in our lifetime through all
these initiatives of an overhauling of the Safety and Security Value Chain in
the new dispensation.
Issued by:
Mampane Norman
National Spokesperson
Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union
Tel: 0112424600/4615
Cell: 0720737959
01 Marie Road
Auckland Park

Ashwell Glasson said:
Dear Norman, thank you very much for that posting. It makes for interesting times for work-place learning and the various skills development initiatives ahead of us. I am sure that the Police and Correctional Services members must be looking forward to more focused attention with regards their professional development needs. Now we just have to get the specific skills development police and correctional services branches and directorates to formulate HRD and Skills Development Plans to implement for the members.I think this clarity for the POPCRU members will provide a much-needed confidence boost, knowing that their voices may be better heard with regards Skills Development.




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