Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) Forum declaration

The Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) Forum, comprising all 21 Setas in South Africa, gathered in Rosebank, Johannesburg to reaffirm our common commitment to the important task of effecting fundamental changes in the skills situation in our country.

Crucially, we recognise the role and place of the Seta system in the ongoing efforts to fight unemployment and expand our skills base, in order to promote growth and development in our country. Above all, we commit ourselves to ensuring that our work and the product thereof is underpinned by impact; it has quality and takes into consideration the needs of the previously marginalised.

Accordingly, the Seta Forum, comprising the Department for Higher Education and representatives of all 21 Setas in the country, make the following declaration:

1. The Seta Forum fully endorses the Minister’s new vision for the post-school education and training landscape and the overall transformation and developmental agenda for the Seta landscape.

2. We as the forum reiterate that we will co-operate with the Minister and continue to engage him on all transformation matters, including the proposed changes to the Seta landscape. We also re-affirm that whatever differences may arise from time to time, the legal route to resolve these is a hindrance to progress.

3. We wish to state categorically that we fully support the Minister’s transformation processes in the post-school sphere. We are fully aware that the Seta sector needs urgent transformation to cope with critical shortages of skills and resource training of our people. In this regard, we emphasise that we support the appointment of independent chairpersons as proposed by the Minister. We are also in agreement with the Minister on the need for the realignment of the Setas, with the mandate of the new Department of Higher Education and Training in mind.

4. As the Seta Forum, we unreservedly welcome the opportunity to engage with the department on matters of skills development. We believe that we can only do better if we continue to engage each other.

5.  We categorically distance ourselves from the ongoing case at the Labour Court between the Department and the Services Seta. We understand the recent judgement applies to the Services Seta only.

6. On its side, the department re-states its goal to restructure the post-school terrain in order to achieve the overall objective of skills development, employment creation and eradication of poverty. The department commits itself to continue to engage and consult with all relevant stakeholder and institutions in pursuit of this goal.


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Two judges have said that the Minister of Higher Education and Training has acted unlawfully, but the rest of the Setas have no problem with that. They support his actions. So if the Setas and Minister responsible for the Skills Development Act don't pay any attention to it does that mean that businesses don't have to comply with it?



Dear Norman, thank you very much for that posting. It makes for interesting times for work-place learning and the various skills development initiatives ahead of us. I am sure that the Police and Correctional Services members must be looking forward to more focused attention with regards their professional development needs. Now we just have to get the specific skills development police and correctional services branches and directorates to formulate HRD and Skills Development Plans to implement for the members.I think this clarity for the POPCRU members will provide a much-needed confidence boost, knowing that their voices may be better heard with regards Skills Development.

I think you have made the point that the SSETA is trying to make:  it is not a personal vendetta against the Minister, but rather, the SSETA is protecting the SETA's mandate as well as the compliance that especially a Minister should have with their own legislation. 


It is a very sad day when we believe that unlawful action is acceptable practice.

Can someone provider me with a list of the 21 setas? What happened to MAPPP seta? I see that ISETT is changing name.

When are we going to see the new names including SASSETA... What about the new proposed Community Development seta did it materialize? Please help.

" The legal route is a hindrance to progress"...oh dear, you certainly worry me! "out of the frying pan..."
so very cosy

Please advise of the contact details (email; tel and fax) for the Secretariat of the SETA Forum referenced in this posting.

Many thanks, Don

Even more reason for the business community to have its own forum!!
Hi Don, I believe that it is an informal group made up of Seta CEOs and DHET representatives. As such they don't have a secretariat. Joel Dikgole, CEO of the WRSeta is the head of the forum the moment.
All I can say is 'wow!'.
Same Charlies that have messed up for the past 10 years.  No wonder they all stick together!!

Alan Hammond said:
Hi Don, I believe that it is an informal group made up of Seta CEOs and DHET representatives. As such they don't have a secretariat. Joel Dikgole, CEO of the WRSeta is the head of the forum the moment.
Can you believe that people can be be so spineless. I am glad to be associated with Ivor Blumenthal because he refuses to be bullied. At least he is prepared to stand up for organised labour and business as well as for all those that can benefit from the training that Services SETA has funded in the past. Are they gunning for him because they are jealous of his achievements or are they siding with the minister because they are afraid of losing their own position????


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