The School of Skills in Western Cape Education Department developed skills qualification programmes .  They target learners with a lower cognitive function ability,  aged  15 years to 19 years old (non school compulsory age). The learners are enrolled at the schools for 4 years and trained in 1. Core component - a specialised skill. 2.   Fundamental component, Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Life skills and 3. Elective components –  a second skill


YEAR 1:  Orientation of different skills and upgrading their level of language and mathematical competencies.

YEAR 2:  General Introduction to different skills.

YEAR 3:  Specialized skills training.

YEAR 4:  Specialized skills training and exposing to world of work.

The  skills curriculums they  will offer 2012  are:

  1. 1.      Ancillary Health Care
  2. 2.       Automotive Body Repair
  3. 3.      Basic Welding and Metalwork
  4. 4.      Bricklaying and Plastering
  5. 5.      Educare
  6. 6.       Hairdressing
  7. 7.      Hospitality Studies
  8. 8.      Mixed  Farming
  9. 9.      Office Administration
  10. 10.   Art and Crafts 

They also planned to develop other skills curriculums this year for 2013 implementation.

The questions for the forum  are:

  1. Must the qualifications developed in conjunction with QCTO ?
  2. The SETA’s  was not included in the developing of the qualifications  , and what input must they deliver, eg.  registration,  accreditation , assessment , moderation, verifying and endorsing the qualification   and registration of education sites  as Education and Training providers.  
  3. The role and functions of SAQA in registration of this new qualifications ?
  4. The role and functions of UMALUSI in certification and awarding the qualifications ?
    1. Must all teachers trained as Assessors and  as Moderators in the specific qualification they offer?
    2. No qualifications being registered at any Quality assurance body.


Attached two a qualification they developed.

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