Can anyone give me definitive clarification as to what level of the NQF an MBA falls. Please provide source. SAQA and QCTO have been unable to clarify.   

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Wow this is really insightful. I had assumed that because of the Masters part in an MBA it automatically means its on the same NQF with a Masters Degree. Thank you for asking this Des.

I fail to see what relevance an NQF level has when working at this Academic level.  It it far more useful to look at the International and National reputation of the Institution conferring the degree.

An MBA from MIT, Harvard, or Yale has more status than one conferred by Wits for instance.  A Wits MBA has more status and credibility that one conferred by one of the private commercial institutions, that claim to be University colleges. There is a report on the academic status of the various Universities published annually that can be referred to.

One ought to be able to get a copy from any reputable university.  I do know that a copy is circulated to Guidance teachers at some schools.

As at December 2012 apparently, the top three Business Schools in South Africa were Wits, UCT, and Unisa.

One only has to look at the entrance criteria to the various Business Schools to make a judgement.

I was asked some years ago to read the Final "Dissertation" of a so-called MBA student, to judge its merit.  I found the following faults:

1  Totally incorrect and inconsistent referencing techniques.

2 Contradictory and subjective statements presented as fact.

3 Some conclusions read more like expressions of opinion, and were not supported by argument in the body of the writing.

In short, it was a Farago of nonsense.  And yet the student had been awarded a Distinction!

This example is clearly a failure of the verification and quality control systems which allowed a candidate to be awarded without proper evaluation. If we were to discriminate against qualifications on the basis of their origin, we will have defeated the purpose of the NQF. A qualification from an accredited education or training institution, whether a university college or one of the more established institutions, like Wits, will have been awarded after verification by the same bodies. If not, we may as well close all others and focus national efforts on expanding Wits. The same could be said for all types of education and training institutions, such as private training providers who offer full qualifications. How would this be different from discriminating against any other type of qualification, such as a Matric or Diploma on the basis of its origin, if they are awarded by accredited institutions? What would be the purpose of accreditation? 

As for Harvard and others like it, they too must have their fair share of graduates who have missed the point but managed to slip through, despite all their exceptional stories of success. Three prestigious universities (Michigan State University, University of Massachusetts, and the University of Edingburgh) awarded President Robert Mugabe law and humanity related degrees :):)

LOL on your "Mad Bob" comment.

I think you missed the point in discussion. Its about a qualification and the NQF level not about a person. Despite your opinion I personally know that President Robert Mugabe is an intelligent man.

Go to page 1 for my comment regarding the discussion.  I don't see any of your comments about the qualification and the NQF level under discussion!?  This is South Africa where we are still allowed to have a sense of humour and freedom of speech.

Sure, you are so right that freedom of speech and humour applies to EVERYONE.  Go to all my comments and see my many professional contributions to many subjects.

Before this becomes and election debate, let me clarify. The discussion at that stage was about quality control. My point illustrated that even the most prestigious universities can slip up. I say they slipped on quality control because when they reviewed their decision, all three withdraw the qualifications. This is public record which illustrates they made quality mistakes which they corrected.

By the way, Mr. Mugabe holds 16 other degrees, so he probably is an intelligent man. His intelligence was not under discussion. Relax yourself Victoria. An open mind is the next best thing to everything.

Velden, I was not joking, although the story is funny.

I am a very relaxed person Tom, that is why I relaxedly used my freedom of speech and humour to participate in a public professional platform where I should feel  free, which I do. I  am free to use my intellect, freedom of speech and humour as anyone does. If I didnt have those I would have been sacred to death to comment here, knowing there are those who want others to believe they have more freedom on this platform than others.  I dont know when the next election in SADC is.  Academic quality control does not need to be politicised or relegated to hate. 

I find in the comments and the inability of SAQA to provide definitive guidelines an underlying grave concern about the so-called “Quality Control System” that the NQF Level structure supposedly should bring to the table.

Sadly, I also have to agree with David and Tom regarding the quality of awarded degrees and diplomas. I have seen Masters Theses that I would fail on a second year undergraduate course level.

I am also very weary of “best lists”. The ranking structure, weighting, criteria and the transparency could be debated and international studies found that there are serious flaws to these ranking systems. Furthermore, such rankings may only be a reflection at a certain point in time to a specific set of norms – the dynamics and focus change when the programme lecturers and facilitators leave.

Hi all, some tongue in cheek responses and some not so tongue in cheek. Thank you all

Nothing is ever as simple as it looks hence the reason for posting the question.

The other lessons of course is that we should never take anything for granted. Problem of course is where do we go from here and how do we get someone to clarify and give the definitive reply I am seeking??? 

Dear Des

I am not sure who you spoke to in SAQA that is unable to give you a clear answer to the question, but my door is always open to clarify any matter.

The issue is as follows: A MBA or Master of Business Administration is pegged at NQF level 9 (masters degree). See the HEQSF document on the SAQA and CHE websites. However, there has been a debate because some MBAs did not meet the criterion of having a 50% research component.  The resolution is that all should MBA's should meet the criteria of a masters degrees


Joe Samuels 


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