NQF levels of N qualifications and part qualificatiions registered by SAQA

For those who have been waiting for clarification on N programmes, the N qualifications and part qualifications have now been registered by SAQA - in terms of Section 36(c) of the NQF Act, Act 67 of 2008. 

The National N Diploma at NQF Level 6, consisting of N4+N5+N6 (in the same field of study) + either 18 months or 24 months of evaluated work place learning.

The duration of the evaluated workplace learning is determined by the duration of the relevant N programmes. In cases where the N programmes are of one trimester duration, twenty four (24) months of practical workplace learning is required. Where the N programmes are of six months duration, the practical workplace experience is eighteen (18) months.

For full details of the qualification and part qualifications please click on the following link to SAQA

link to SAQA notification

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Thanks Sylvia for the info.

Thanks, Sylvia - and Happy New Year! 

Thanks for the update, Sylvia. Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

Huge opportunity for learners that have failed grade 12 and for FET Colleges to make a difference. The N3 articulation options now seemingly make it possible for a learner that has passed grade 12 languages, but failed, to do N3 and on articulation be awarded a National Senior Certificate. That is if I interpret "such as" correctly in the qualification registration.

Compliments of the new season Sylvia. I hope that you had a peaceful and pleasant festive season.

Thank you for the info. It is always refreshing to receive such valuable info, so selfless of you.

Hi Sylvia.

If I have lost statements of results from way back, say in the '90s who should I approach for re-issuing?



Hi Tebogo, I think it depends on what you were doing and who the provider was - what were the results for?

Hi Sylvia

It was one subject, Mathematics at N4 level.

If the training college is still there I would start by asking them.

Hi you could also approach the department of higher education and training for a duplicate certificate.

Hi Joe

Thanks for your response and assistance. Could you please furnish me with the department's physical address, I would gladly go there as I would like to apply for my N4 certificate.

Morning Sylvia

Most of the Ekurhuleni FETs have been amulgamated in one EWC  and the others are just branches.I last wrote that subject in Katlehong and since I am now in Kempton Park I went to this branch and I have been promised this and that but up to now nothing has borne any fruit.


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