Alas, the silence this week from the Services SETA is of grave concern.


Dear SSPF Members, the Committee, New Member, Potential  and Future Members  


Our numerous attemps and urgent appeals for a confirmed date for the processing of payments to all Providers, Suppliers and Lead Employers has sadly not been forthcoming since written confirmation of payment and "business as usual" from Dr.S.Moon and as signed by Mr Devan Naicker was received last week 28th April 2011.


A final attempt will be made today in hope of receiving a positive response to our numerous appeals to Dr S.Moon and Mr Naiker in this regard.


The result thereof will be posted to this site and via email to all members.


SSPF Chairperson: Lyn Mansour

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With the previous promises you were being what is referred to as "Fobbed off" - Isn's this a true reflection of the attitude of the SETA towards it providers and other constituent members.  Itis als an indication of the Ministers attitude at this point in time. He is out to prove a point and (forgive me) to hell with the providers.

Yes, it seems as if the old way of 'serving' stakeholders is being perpetuated - still no responses to emails and enquiries although they have said "busienss as usual" - I suppose that is what they meant: no change for the better.  However, yesterday's article in Business Day reported that the judge had set the Minister's action and Dr Moon's appointment aside. According to the article the SETA's money would had been transferred to the NSF and application has to be made to have Dr Moon's decision overturned - so the money is possible currently being "frozen" in an account.

Quote from the article:

Judge Annelie Basson also ruled Mr Nzimande’s appointment of former African National Congress (ANC) office bearer Sihle Moon as chairman of the Seta was invalid, as was his appointment of a new council, one of whose members was Nolwande Mantashe, wife of ANC secretary- general Gwede Mantashe.

Today, the Services Seta will return to the Johannesburg Labour Court, to ask it to overturn Mr Nzimande’s decision last week to transfer R1bn from its bank account to the National Skills Fund . Parliament heard earlier this year that the fund had a budget deficit of just under R1bn .

Des I fear you might be right ... this unfortunately is now about proving a point....

Thanks Lyn for the update. There is obviously no business never mind business as usual.

I found the comments made by the Mininsters Office to be degrading to all who serve the interests of the country as a whole.

It is time politics and Personal Power & Abition where left out of Education and PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT.


It is another great concern about doing business in SA that a culture of late or no payment is almost an endemic feature of the business landscape. Big business pays small businesses late ignoring the conditions of contract on the basis that small business cannot do much about it other than at great expense. Big business itself faces the late payments from government, provincial and parastatal clients. This payment practice equates to our poor standard of education, crime control, skills development, infrastructure planning and maintenance, health care, regard for the judicial  system and the level of ethics and governance that is evident in the growing instances of massive corruption in government.

We now have the latest survey on our comparable level of entrepreneurship in SA.

"Currently, South Africa’s Total Entrepreneurial Activity (TEA), a measure used to calculate the percentage of a country’s working-age population attempting to start a new business, stands at 5,9%.FNB external acquisitions head  said that this was far below an average rate of around 11% in other emerging markets, with Brazil reaching up to 15%".

How we can expect to reduce unemployment in SA with this set of prevailing conditions is beyond me. When any small business does get going the risk of failure through cashflow-caused bankruptcy is huge.

We have a serious national ethics problem.

Do you really think that the "new" SETA structure proposed by Blade (with his ANC based appointments) will be any better? It is another ANC command process: remove the existing structures and skills and replace with untested and unqualified politically based new ones. What do you think happened with education, artisan training, crime control, hospital management etc?

Come on SA citizens/voters, enough is enough. Time is overdue to DO something.



One of new Minister Nzimande´s first reported statements lamented the almost complete waste of R8 Billion state funds in education. One can only hope that  that his latest actions have nothing to do with "power and wisdom rarely combine" nor "cockrels crow when they are cocky", but rather are a sincere effort to reverse previous short-comings.

 I have never liked the SACP nor what is stands for; nor have I ever understood how a totally different party can merge with a bigger one and not have the kind of in-fighting we see today between the ANCYL and the SACP's Gwede Mantashe or Blade Ndzimandze.


I have however held on to a grudging respect and admiration for Minister Blade's intellect. He has always struck me as a person that reads a lot and thinks things carefully before acting. That I will not begrudge him.


I personally feel it was not in the best interests of the SETA to take it's "Master" to court, that only sets up "bad blood" between the two entities. I also know that imposing the new constitutions without adequate workshops and opinion seeking was wrong for the Department to do. Now we are faced with a situation where providers will not be paid due to fiscal policy at the SETA that includes approval from a properly constituted board and perhaps even a finance sub-committee of the board. We have no idea how long Dr. Moon will have his hands shackled by the back and forth litigation until there is stability.


I am of the opinion that Government can only be worked at from within. Pitting your head against some departments and some Ministers can only lead to a very sore head, emptied pockets and NOTHING!!

I agree however that for there to be included in the board people whose spouses are political "hot-potatoes" is not doing the clear statement issued by the State President regarding "Jobs for Pals" any good.


I can only hope that the department will come to its senses and propose a round table meeting with all affected parties and come up with an equitable solution for the SETA, Stakeholders, we, Providers and the beneficiaries out the (the true losers in this fight), the learners and future learners.

"Before you begin a thing, remind yourself that difficulties and delays quite impossible to foresee are ahead... You can only see one thing clearly, and that is your goal. Form a mental vision of that and cling to it through thick and thin."

That is for those that are busy fighting to get SETA while Jobs are going away from us Stakeholders just like what happen last when SETA close down for World Cup, we have to suffer and everything started in September 2010.

We have to search our pockets to make sure that unemployment individuals get the opportunities.


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