I had a fabulous experience with a supposed recruiter come new business owner.  After seeing the add I posted my CV.  I received a discourteous email asking me to explain how I offer materials I have written to accredited companies so that they could determine "whether to keep my CV".

Assuming good faith I did that with good intention and closed the mail with my telephone number should they require further clarity.  Well! I received a reply stating that no telephonic communication was desired as they had headaches with SETA.

That was where I drew the line and replied assertively to withdraw from the process.  What really annoyed me was that after the impolite comment they continued with a list of questions about accreditation and how it works and ... and ... and.  My cheeky mouth was triggered and sarcasm and counsellor expertise weaved together to craft  a response to this recruiter which I am not proud of but I did drive the point home.  Needless to say s/he was irate and began a round of attacks on "consultants who take advantage of people in business".  it was at that point I realised it was time to "delete mail". 

I get this a lot from these stater company pretend recruiters.  They glean what they can from your CV, claim to be interested and then want to squeeze a consultation out of you.  I would have fallen for the joke again had this one not been so sadly lacking in basic business etiquette.

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Good on you. Yes we need the work but some people expect us to prostitute ourself out to them. Big up to you..


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