Help needed please with Services Seta Online Assessor Registration

Dear All

I have tried on numerous occasions to register on SSETA online Assessor Registration site but without success.

My initial problem is that some critical documents are not accepted for attachment. Secondly, now I have forgotten my password and the system refuses to open on email reminder.

What causes great difficulty is that SSETA has not provided a IT service for trouble shooting, guidance or even basic alternatives. One has to view a system that does not interact positively.

What could be an alternative way? Is there anyone you know at SSETA I may email or phone

Kindly assist for time is to my disadvantage and that of SSETA, the SMME sector, economy and RSA for I learn that there are multiple problems choking the body

How do we help SSETA? Where do we complain? Any current initiatives I may 'staffride' with a vote,letter, etc.


Best regards


Mlamli Kentane

082 326 0555


East London, Eastern Cape

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Try getting hold of or Samantha Oosthuizen -




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