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I have just find out that Services Seta will not be paying Gain-Full Employment to Training providers.

I try to ask why and no one seems to know because they just said that is what they have heard in their last meeting with management.

Is there anyone who have a clue of why Services Seta scrapped this. 

Gain-full employment was the one in the first place why we take time to help them working on employment crisis after all.

Without this we are just working like volunteers for Services Seta. 

It is very costly to get all this together from finding companies that are interested in implementing internship program to recruiting graduates up to placement.

On just making calls, traveling and paper work you spend around R15000 and more per month if not per week depending on how many you working on.

Running around signing up institutes and companies is another nightmare because no one is willing to help you especially on time given because they always come late.

I have just finish working with 180 which is the worst low number to work with since 2008 but with their 52 page Learnership Enrollment Form and organizing of your template, is another.

Another question I would like to get clear on is:

What did the R9 billion of all this years gone to since FIFA World Cup 2010?

Because my last placement which was 780 graduates was February 2010 and that was it.

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