Focus Group for Doctoral Research on Challenges experienced by Private Providers in terms of the quality assurance regime in South Africa

Dear Forum members

As part of my doctoral studies, I would like to create a focus group of members of this forum to explore some of the challenges surrounding quality assurance and accreditation of private providers.

This means you can participate online in your own time so that we would not have to meet at a specific time or place.

The way it will work is that I will post questions once a week for about 12 weeks in order to start the discussion on a  specific point. Participants would be free to comment or not, as they see fit. 

In reporting on the discussion, all the ethical norms will be observed, such as anonymity and confidentiality.

If you would like to participate in this focus group, please reply to this post.

Many thanks


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Hi Jacqui - I would like to participate.


Kevan Wright

Hi Jacqui I am willing to participate.  Regards Jenni


Bernard Botha.  I would like to join your group, have been involved with private providers for quite some time and know most of the pitfalls and frustrations.


Will help with pleasure! Regards Gizelle

Hi Jacqui,

Would participate with pleasure.


Cecile Dick

Hi - I am keen to join, brief background is that I drove the accreditation of WESSA, an environmental NGO as an accredited provider, developed the education and training QMS and an currently using open-source software to develop an online QMS...

kind regards


Hallo Jacqui

I am willing to participate

Kind Regards

Lizette Kotze


Hi Jacqui. I am happy to participate. Not that I have a lot of experience as yeyt with quality assurance and accredation as yet. apart from what I have been reading up on, but I have some ideas based on quality assurance throygh a long carreer of developing and facilitating short training workshops in a range of ACP countries


As someone wanting to move away from what I have been actively working at for years to do something that is of interest and for which I have talent, training and ability my "outsider" comments may be useful so count me in if you want that perspective.


Hello Jaqui, I would love to participate. Cath Dalton
Hi Jacqui,
I would like to participate.

Count me in jacqui

Des Squire


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