Do Setas insist on all learners being present for a verification visit?


My organisation is accredited with the Health and Welfare Seta. i would like to ask if any of you who are accredited with other SETAs are required when SETA comes for their verification visit to have ALL your learners in attendance. HW SETA have just sent me a preparatory letter for our next verficiation visit to say that ALL our learners must be on site.

We train all over South Africa on our clients sites. There is no way that any of our clients would be willing to: 1. Pay for their employees to travel all the way to JHB just for a SETA verification visit and 2. Release their employees from their work and suffer the down time and loss of productivity that such an exercise would cause.

I have entered into a discussion with the CEO and accreditation manager at the SETA and would like to know if this is practised at any of the other SETA and if not - why HW SETA would have such a requirement.  

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Hi Linzi. On my previous response I though the verifier was to verify or external moderate the SETA funded learnership. I can not figureout why do they want to see learners if training was not funded by them. Let them carrry the cost.
Linzi babe, iimhlolo ayipheli. Just relax and prepare for your verification visit as normal. That is one of the problems about working with people who dont have ground experience. My institution provides service also to learners out of South Africa, now how on earth will I be able to even arrange passports and visas from their countries to come to SA just for VERIFICATION? Pholisa ihloko sisi and do is done by the normal ones.
Dear Linzi
We have been working with many SETA's over the years, viz; HWSETA, MAPPP SETA, ETDP SETA, THETA etc and it has never once been requested that all learner's be present at a verification visit. In actual fact, this is a principle that does not really make sense to me if one considers the fact that verification is a process that takes place upon the close-out of a programme which means - learners have CONCLUDED the programme and no additional funding is allocated to bring learners to a designated site, in most cases on conclusion of a programme many of the learners are no longer available at the designated site.

This is really an unheard of practice and is not viable in any way whatsoever. Besides, the function and role of a verifier is not to assess or interview or moderate - it is purely to verify processes and procedures followed by the moderator in order to proclaim a programme valid and authentic.

Eleanor Mitchell
Northern Cape Rural FET College
Hi Linzi,

We are also accredited at the HWSETA and recently they do require to interview learners, facilitators and workplaces during verification. We also train all over SA.

A practical plan we came up with is to provide the HWSETA with the contact details of all learners enrolled in the specific training to be verified and they then conduct these interviews whenever they are in the area of the learners where the training took place. This seems to work out well for all parties involved without any added costs.

I hope this helps
Hi Liezl,
Thanks for this reply. This would work well for us too.




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