CTU is excellent at providing Human Resource Development (HRD) Solutions in the ICT Industry

We have an absolute passion for the “Development of ICT Professionals”.

Through CTU Recruits and our corporate division, it is our mission to bring ICT professionals and companies together.  We believe that companies should have a proper skills development plan to optimise the technologies that are deployed. Systematically developing employees to address the skills gap in ICT is the only way to achieve empowered human capital.

Our HRD @ CTU solutions involve IT Training, Recruitment, Career Changers (private individuals), Career Campus (pool of graduated learners available for employment or Internships), Learnerships, Internships, Skills Development Programs, Consulting Services (assistance with ATR & WSP submissions) and Up-skilling.


Should your company be in need of such services you are welcome to discuss this with me or contact me on

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Can you help me find a junior developer?


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