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How do you introduce Coaching and Mentoring in an environment where there's no respect or trust between Management and subordinates?

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Hi Phindi, I guess before you could establish new culture and correct perceptions, you need to identify where it all started to go wrong. The common reasons for that is senior managers dating junior staff. In the process intergrity falls aside. The first thing that need to happen is to establish intergrity and rule of law and everything will fall into place.


I hope you get it right.

There is a need to establish a training committee with a view to dealing with training issues. This committee can then address the trust issue and decide on a way forward. This will assist you in commencing the process of communication with a smapll group which can then be extended. The lack of respect and trust is something we have inherited and most companies fail to admit it does exist. "Developing Corporate Trust" in an organisation requires a great deal of dialogue and necessitates getting smaller groups working together and discussing common problems. From this starting point you can consider the introduction of coaching and mentoring. I am available to assist if required - 082 800 9057.    

I think the culture establish the coaching and mentoring, if it does not the there will be a problem an example FW de klerk, mentored Mandela to take ove him the same goes with Mandela who mentored Thabo Mbheki for presidency

Hi Phindi, Itumeleng is correct, a culture of trust is absolutely essential and this is no mean feat! Culture is established from the top and unless leadership is willing to embark on a change process to build trust and respect, this will be very difficult. I think that in the situation you refer to, leadership needs to understand how their 'style' effects culture. Try and get hold of a book by Edgar Schein called "Organizational Culture and Leadership". it's available on Kindle if you have one.

I train and coach in Creative Leadership, if I can help in any way let me know. You can find my details at, or call me on 082 553 4478.


you need a robust team building of both managementang subordinates ? you also need my leadership workshop called ;






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