How many of you experience bad behavior regarding payments not being received. I vote that we have a list of people who are poor with this. Partners and I are sitting ducks because client will only pay in Dec instead of today!

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"In my case I am simply stating the facts of a failure to pay, which would be difficult for them to dispute,"Would need very tight control in the form of proper contracts and follow up notices and warnings before we add someone."

Yes perhaps this will make us more responsible about who we offer our services to then. I think that its time to get tough, as service providers we offer services that are anthropocentric in our environment and to be treated un ethically by those whom should pay is simply not on anymore. I hope that the elements who are not behaving are reading these posts - its time...

H Tass,

I am just as frustrated as you, however the payments I am yet to receive are from the SETAs themselves. I have not just been waiting for payments but taken the issue all the way to the highest levels I can and still have not been paid. Short of legal action and approaching the Public Protector I am not sure what else to really do and unfortunately the list you propose, which I completely agree with, will effectively serve no purpose.

Many of the "clients" I have approached refuse to pay for training and services themselves and insit on funneling the payments via SETA grants. As you can see my issue is a far graver one for my business.

If anyone is able to assist me in how best to land clients that pay for training themselves then I would appreciate it. Until then my voice will stnd alongside yours with the non-payment issue, but my secondary issue has led me to possibly consider working on a consulting basis with other training providers.

I have the same problem with my clients worse part i have done some work for a certain client in march he only paid me at the end of last month

Our college very rarely does work for the state (so I can't comment on their efficiency), but it looks like many businesses in the private sector are no better than some state departments; I wonder if they have the cheek to complain about government bureaucracy

Tass, I have experienced it with a huge Educational group - we had an agreement on delivery dates for the work as well as payment dates that went with it.

One part of the contract was a management contract whereby we were supposed to be paid monthly - on the last day of the month.  Eventually, payment was made up to 15 days late after having to threaten with legal action.  Needless to say, I "fired" the client from this contract and pulled out two months before it was due to end.

The other part of the contract is material development - delivery was made at the end of September with a large sum of money due on delivery - I am still waiting.  Fortunately, I had retained the electronic copy which I said will be delivered once payment is made.

It is disgusting that there are businesses like this.  This particular client is a huge private training provider who is taking millions from their learners on a monthly basis all around the country and yet they cannot pay their suppliers (I believe I am not the only one.....)

I agree that we should name and shame!


I am seriously considering using Hello Peter as a platform... what does anyone else think?

Hi Tass,

Hello Peter is not a bad platform but companies only really answer if they are prepared to put themselves on the website itself. Perhaps the Consumer Council is a better option, but at the end of the day it seems that they really do not care and providers are always the losers.

I am with the South African Board for Coaching, Consulting and Coaching Psychology. They have created a Yellow list of unethical businesses, these could include bad payers. This is a service for consultants who are their members. They can be found at

Away with bad ethics!




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