Dear Members,

I am returning to Cape Town after spending 10 years abroad working as a National Training and Development Manager, 6 of which have been in London. For this reason I was wondering if anyone could assist me with the whole process of becoming accredited in Cape Town & who is particularly familiar with customer service. I understand that there are members within the Skills-Universe that deal with this request as part of a service.

I am also looking for Customer Service training material that aligned with the unit standards and if you could indicate which unit standards these would be.

Your advice and feedback would be much appreciated.

Kind regards
Dave Sherwood-Adcock
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Dear Dave,

Thank you for your wonderful open-hearted request on Skills-Universe. There are quite a few of us who work in accreditation support as well as training provider development. It is great to hear of your return though and the skills, expertise and experience that you are bringing back into South Africa. Good luck with your endeavours.

My best, Ashwell

Hi Dave, welcome back. I only joined skills universe and came across your message. My accreditation is with Theta and I developed learning material and guides for the following Unit Standards (part of accommodation services certificate/diploma)

7789 provide customer service

7836 monitor customer satisfaction

7865 improve service to customers

7787 sell products or service


Feel free to contact me on anytime

Greeting Dave

If you still need some help with the above then feel free to call me, We can possibly assist.



021 447 9155




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