Assessor Training special

4 days training with POE developement


Cost R2000

Need more details


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Hi Shantal, we've had this discussion with another provider before:  What do you mean by POE development?  Are you suggesting that it takes place during the training - or do you have followup sessions? 

Good day

The provider does parts of the POE development during the training for example the assessments and on the last day of training its POE development where the learners assessor the assessment and learners can complete the balance of the POE in their own time, Should they have problem one on one training will be provided

Hi Shantal, your answer isn't very clear.  Who is the trainer assessor assessing?  How does the trainee assessor prepare the person they are assessing?  Maybe you could clarify a bit more about the content of the programme - what takes place on what day?  Also as Samantha asks - how are the notional hours calculated?

hi Shantal,

How does this meet up with the notational hours required for the unit standard and do you have an end date to submission of the POE?

I really am looking forward to some of the responses. Please be careful as the completion of the requirements during training is very suspect. 150 notional hours of study needs some explaining as suggestd by Samantha.  

Remember there are two POE's required one of which must be a real live actual assessment with assessment instrument, marking memo etc etc. 

Hi sorry for the late reply. I dont have answers to yourl questions I am just marketing this for provider. Once I have feedback I will reply to this. Sorry for not been able to provide feedback now.

Thanks Shantal, we appreciate your position.  I suggest that you pass on the questions and comments to your boss and ask for a reply that you can post on the site.


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