What are the fair rates for the assessment of POE's. Are they determined by the NQF level? Do companies offer fair rates to freelancers to conduct their assessments?

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It would be interesting to hear from other providers. Our moderation rate is R10 per credit, but not less than R100 a portfolio and not more thatn R200 a portfolio (Early Childhood Development and Assessment). We are in the process of reviewing our prices. There are providers that charge R300 for the moderation of a POE.
Interesting, I just went through a similar brainstorming exercise, and came to exactly the same conclusion: R10 per credit, but not less that R 120 per portfolio. No upper limit, but this can be open to negotiation. This formula should take the complexity of the USs' into account, through the number of credits earned (Difficulty of the US)
I have not yet reached a satisfactory formula to charge for moderation, (Moderators have scarcity value!)
I have spoken to some other assessors and they charge between R400.00 - R 480.00 per PoE. Is this market related? I wonder. Maybe for some it depends on the unit standard, e.g. Project Management, Mentoring, Coaching & leadership. In essence the NQF level determines the rate!!!!!
Interresting. I have heard of R500 per portfolio. But tell me - what is the cost if the portfolio is for a Full qualification of 140 credits.
I think companies go according to their budgets, not necessarily what they should pay. This is my experience anyway because there really is no standards rate.
I would charge the full R1400.00. Also, remember that a full qualification will consist of a number of portfolios, created over a period of time, and therefore assessed over that period of time. The charge for each of these portfolios would then be based on the number of credits earned, which cumulatively would amount to the full R1400.
As a freelance trainer, I earn considerably more than this per day, and assessing a full qualification is certainly more than a days work.
So R1400 is probably too low!

Des Squire said:
Interresting. I have heard of R500 per portfolio. But tell me - what is the cost if the portfolio is for a Full qualification of 140 credits.
Currently there are no prescribed fees for both assessment and moderation of PoE's. Some charge per credit and some per PoE. Costs vary from R 10 per credit to R 30. PoE costs vary from R 550 for skillsprogrammes to approximately R 1250 for full qualification. It is all dependent on the agreement between the Assessor/Moderator and the client. I think this is one area that needs to be regulated a bit. Assessment can be very time consuming depending on the level of qualification and quality of teaching in the classsroom as it reflects on the quality of evidence produced in the PoE.
I have heard that R400,00 is about the average per POE, but vary's upwards & depends on the credits and number of U/S per portfolio, it is jut not feasable or logical to charge R400 for a POE with 20 U/S or more, this is time consuming work and cannot be rushed which will put the learner at a disadvantage.

As much as we would like the money to roll in, Let's be fair to the Learner and take the time to assess their work correctly.



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