The Association for Private Providers of Education, Training and Development (APPETD), initiated a Legal Advisory Committee to address and give legal advice to private providers in the education and training sector.

The committee will be chaired by Advocate Carla van Veenendaal who has been actively involved in education for more than 15 years and who shares a sincere and passionate commitment to the pivotal role that private providers of education plays in the socio - economic future of South Africa.

She will be assisted by a team of legal and education experts focusing on inter alia:

  • Providing legal advice to private providers (APPETD members) within the framework of education, training and development matters with relevant statutory bodies.
  • Advise APPETD on the implications of amendments made to the various Acts affecting education, training and skills development.
  • Protecting the interest of APPETD and its members by ensuring the private provider’s inclusion in all legislative and regulatory matters.

APPETD, being the organization that looks after the interest of private providers has seen the need for this Legal Advisory Committee to contribute in a constructive manner towards engaging with authorities and resolve adequately concerns received from the private providers of education.

Providers that need more information and want to join this committee must please forward a request to Cynthia Reynders, CEO of APPETD.


Tel no: 011 234 3104/5 

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